trader joes gyro

I shared this easy recipe on Instagram last week, but I wanted to share it here also so it was easier to find!  My friend Nicole told me about these easy Trader Joe’s gyros, and I have to say I was impressed and shocked.  They are really good and taste restaurant-level to me.


gyro meat – I use two slices for one gyro but you can use less or more

tzatziki sauce – you can make your own if you’re ambitious

pita bread – or garlic naan or Middle Eastern flatbread


chopped red or green onion



fresh parsley

Greek seasoning


Warm gyro meat slices for 30 seconds (as instructed on box).  Warm your pita or bread and layer up your gyro.

ENJOY.  That’s it.  Seriously easy, wildly delicious and I feel confident it will surprise you.  It really surprised me!

diy gyro

If you make it, please let me know what you think!  You can find other similar recipes here and here.  Thanks so much for reading and find more recipes and cocktails under “home –> food & drink” at the top of this site.  XO –

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10 thoughts on “Easy Trader Joe’s DIY Gyro

  1. I’ve been a fan of the homemade gyros all summer. They make a great interactive build your own meal for casual grill and chill dinner with friends. As a meat option I grill marinated chicken thighs, and serve it with cilantro/turmeric rice. Yum!

  2. We had these for dinner the past two nights. Easy, delicious and 15 month old approved! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just can’t hold my tongue anymore! You need to cut the pita bread and fill it! The less messy and best way to consume ANYTHING with a pita bread. They are hollow inside, so just cut an inch or two, and stuff it.

    Love the recipe though, so easy to make and so tasty!

    1. I am laughing out loud – it doesn’t bother me to eat it like wrap but a pocket is a GREAT idea too. Thank you for your suggestion, please never hold your tongue when it’s a helpful note! xoxo

  4. This was SO delicious and easy! Thanks for sharing! I’d also HIGHLY recommend their frozen falafels. Very tasty!

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