A little early but… not really?  Valentine’s Day is ahead of us and it’s always fun to gather some sweet lady things ahead of the holiday.  Truthfully we usually just like to go on a dinner date, but for those of you exchanging gifts, I have some ideas to throw in the ring.

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I love a home or beauty gift for little holidays like Valentine’s Day.  For the home, this candlestick holder caught my eye,  along with the bestselling blanket (also this one) everyone can’t get enough of and the wine chiller (on sale) that is the summer hosting must-have.

I also love the idea of chic board games!  For some girls, a handheld vacuum may not be a great holiday gift, but for me?  BRING IT.  I am intrigued by this one and it’s gotten some amazing reviews.

As for beauty, I’ve heard a lot of great things about this brush.  When my current one gives out, it’s on my list.  I have this magic cream and it is, in fact, magical.  A chilled eye mask has never been as sophisticated as this one.  I also think any eucalyptus anything from Necessaire is a winner.  I can’t have enough silk pillowcases and this essence has been a highlight of my morning and night skincare routine lately.

A few things on my beauty wish list right now are more tan luxe face drops, this lip mask and this tanning mousse.  If you are crossing your fingers for anything in particular, I would love to hear!  Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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