With spring weather coming for some of us, I’ve spent a few days tidying up our patio to prepare for more afternoons and play time outside. I’m sure the sight of a 9-month pregnant lady with a leaf blower is something to see. Which inspired me to put together some pretty patio picks for this week’s wish list!

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A lot of this depends on if you have a covered patio or not. We thankfully do have a large covered patio, but it’s not screened in. You’d be surprised how much is blown onto the covered part. Don’t get me wrong – we still love that it’s covered and overlooks the yard but I definitely need to deep clean everything at least once a year.

I love these roped LED lights – how fun is that? I also need a citronella candle like this for spring and summer evenings outside. I prioritize pretty planters inside, but when it comes to outside I try not to invest too much. We have had strong winds knock over three planters and break them… just nthis year. This footed one really caught my eye, and I think this one is pretty too.

We have one area that I think would really thrive with an umbrella like this, but I wonder how long it would be pretty until the sun faded it? Does anyone have experience with that?

I bought two of these chairs for our patio and they’re so comfortable – I’ve never regretted it. But dang… how fun are these or these? And I love the simplicity of these.

These poufs are so cute and I think they would work in or outside. Love them.

If you’ve made a good patio purchase lately, do share. I love a patio makeover! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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