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Last weekend we snapped some photos to document the last days of life with just one child. These two years with only him have been so special. A learning experience for everyone, but also less chaotic than it will become and super sweet as a little family trio.

Christian and I both grew up with two siblings, and I can’t imagine my childhood without them. I always knew we wanted to give Hudson a sibling or two, so this is a natural next step. But I love these photos to capture our last week just with our one big boy before his world changes.

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photos by Christian Barnes

I posted some of these photos with music on Instagram over the weekend and got some of the sweetest responses about the bond between people’s first two children. I’m still reading through all of them and it’s been so heartwarming!

Thank you so much for reading and sharing in this joy and excitement with us – XO –

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3 thoughts on “The Countdown

  1. So beautiful…what an amazing time for you all!! You are so lucky you have been able to document this time in your life, Hudson will be so happy to look back one day and truly feel the love from your sweet words and pics. As a new empty nester (two boys), I love following your journey, but it does make me realize how FAST time passes…enjoy every second!! Side note, I always imagined having a girl for all the obvious reasons, dresses, hair bows, dance classes, but 2 boys has been, dare I say, a breeze??!! Excited to see who we will meet, and more excited that you decided not to find out!! There is nothing like that moment, wishing you all the best!!


    1. What a sweet, sweet message to receive – thank you Denise! Love hearing that two boys has been a sweet experience… that could very well be our story, who knows! Big hugs and thank you again for the kindness and support –

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