serena and lily tray

– this scalloped tray that’s even prettier in person –

everlane linen shorts

– my buddy who is never too far away (and I love it) –

quay sunglasses

these sunglasses I haven’t taken off since I got them –

antelope skirted ottoman

– moving this skirted ottoman around and loving that it has secret storage –

blue and green hydrangeas

– a sweet neighborly flower drop-off –

Happy Friday! This week has been a really pleasant one. One of those weeks where you step back and think, “Wow, that was a really great week.” Thankful for the perspective to be able to recognize that. Every day likely isn’t going to be a GREAT day, but there are definitely moments in every day that are great. And that’s what I have been looking for lately.

I watched the J.Lo Netflix documentary over the weekend and when I tell you it was so good… it was so good! I have always liked her, but there is so much I didn’t know about the evolution of her career. You also get a behind-the-scenes peek into what it’s like to campaign for awards season, prepare for the Super Bowl Halftime show, etc. It was really fascinating and humanized these celebrities we assume don’t deal with similar challenges to our own – disappointment, frustration, pushback, family dynamics, etc. I definitely recommend giving it a watch.

We don’t have any big weekend plans. Just a hunt for a pool to dip into and a little bit of work. What are some of your favorite things to do in the peak of summer when it’s super hot? Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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3 thoughts on “Friday’s Five | Scalloped Tray

  1. Current favorite thing to do is grab an outdoor blanket, sunscreen and a water toy for our ten month old. Keeps her busy for hours while we soak up the sun and views.

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