easy deviled eggs

I saw this deviled egg hack on Tik Tok and it blew my mind. It seems so obvious, yet I had never even considered doing it!

Simply boil an egg (or two) and top each half with a little mayo and yellow mustard. Then I like to add Everything But the Bagel seasoning. Add a sweet pickle slice on top and sprinkle more seasoning.

That’s it. THAT’S IT. I’ve been having deviled eggs with cowboy caviar and chips or a salad for days. The easiest weekday snack or side.

deviled egg hackdeviled egg recipe

If you try this, let me know what you think! I didn’t use Kewpie Mayo because I couldn’t find it at the grocery but considering buying it. Should I?

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3 thoughts on “Quick Deviled Egg Hack

  1. This is essentially the only way my two year old will even consider eating eggs (I refer to all seasoning as sprinkles and it’s magic). Salad Supreme is what my grandmother always topped her eggs with and I can’t imagine eating them any other way! I also use a bit of Miracle Whip for some added tang in mine, but I know that is blasphemy for some

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