A common question I got in a recent Q&A on Instagram was about gold jewelry, my layering favorites and go-to pieces. So I thought I would center this week’s wish list around some gold jewelry picks and what I’m loving that’s available right now!

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I have had two sets of these bracelets for three years, and I wear them nonstop. They’re waterproof, soundproof, and weightless because they’re actually rubber. But they look so much nicer than that!

I have and love this locket, this Greek Aphrodite necklace, and this dog tag necklace (with an H + T engraved in it). I wear all three all the time, they are so beautiful. I love this simple necklace as a layering piece too.

I splurged on these earrings when Shopbop was having a sale and I wear them a lot. I have five ear piercings, so these are moved around quite a bit in different spots! I’ve also bought a few pairs of these inexpensive hoops and they are lightweight and super easy. They do eventually turn but… you get what you pay for.

Lastly, I love this ring and this one (I have this one). They give you that chunky gold ring that makes a statement but still goes with everything.

Do you have any gold pieces you find yourself reaching for time and time again? Would love to know about them. Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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