You guys loved our last workwear post, so this week we’re bringing another one with staple items that can be mixed and matched in tons of stylish, classic, and versatile ways.

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I don’t have these pants, but based on how I feel about every other pair of Spanx pants that I own… I probably need them. I love a kick flare. They also look really great with booties.

I really love pairing an oversized collared shirt like this with a slim-leg pant (or legging if your office allows it).

Everyone needs a classic trench in their closet, in my opinion.

I styled this dress recently in this video, and it’s beyond comfortable. Super strechy, really pretty on, and I love that it also comes in a skirt and shorter dress.

I’ve seen this style of boot on younger gals around down and they style them so cute that it makes me want a pair. I might stick to my beloved moto boot… but I’ve got my eye on these.

I’m bringing this bag with me on vacation and it’s such a great catchall tote. I think it would make a great work bag.

Lastly, I found a look for less for the classic 5050 boot that so many have and love. I am a loyal wearer of this pair, but for that look for less price point, you can’t beat it.

Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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