This week is one of my personal favorites..a mix of all the pretty things I’ve seen online and am loving. Along with my own personal summer bucket list at the bottom!

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I can’t get over these slingbacks. I love them and keep *almost* purchasing them. The mini-heeled version is fabulous too!

If I had any travel planned with Christian, I’d be wearing this dress to dinner.

I am loving the shape and size of this cooler. I feel like we never need a big cooler, but just something compact and functional. Add it to my wish list along with this cup.

I ordered these sandals after seeing how wildly similar they are to these designer versions. Fingers crossed they show up as beautiful as they look!

As for my own summer bucket list, it’s looking a little something like…

1) More Mexican Train Dominoes with coffee or cocktails.

2) Meals on the patio – I even rearranged the entire covered patio area to accommodate a table this week!

3) Staying at the pool so late we have dinner in swimsuits.

4) Lots of summer movie nights – maybe some with the projector.

What’s on your bucket list? Let’s make it realistic. There’s no point in setting ourselves up for failure, right? I have to remind myself that Christian and I both continue to work throughout the summer, so the schedule isn’t going to be flipped upside down if you feel me.

Thank you so much for checking in and reading – xo –

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