So far we have covered the best of kids, fall staples, shoes + accessories. Now we dive into home, athleisure and beauty! First up is home, let’s get into it.

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Last year I got these confetti spatulas and they’re super cute. The “cutting board” is kind of useless though, just an fyi.

I LOVE wooden bowls like this. I use them for salads all the time, but they can also hold fruit, Halloween candy, Easter eggs. Wooden bowls and cutting boards are just classic (and great gifts!).

Our bedding is included and I’m a Boll & Branch forever kind of girlie. I have been using their sheets, bedding and towels for years and absolutely live for them. They give me promo codes periodically for you guys, but this discount from the Nordstrom Sale is just as good.

I have two of these blankets and one of these. I have purchased all of them from Nordstrom Sales in years past and I’m grateful because our kids are obsessed with them. As in dragging them all over the house obsessed. It’s kind of a problem.

I have several silk pillowcases from Nordstrom and I use them exclusively. Not only are they great for your hair and skin, but they just feel like a fabulous moment of luxury at the end of a long day.

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I think the beauty selection this year is the most superior across all categories. There are some serious deals!

In the lipstick world, Pillow Talk is a cult classic for a reason. It’s one of those classic neutrals that literally looks good on everyone. My YSL lipsticks are the most beautiful beauty items in my makeup drawer. They also happen to be moisture-packed which is a huge bonus! These tinted lip balms live in my bathroom drawer. I apply them every morning to nourish as well as give a small hint of color.

I’ve been using Moroccan Oil in my hair for over 10 years. Since before I was even married! It lasts forever, is so great for your hair, and smells amazing.

We use this sunscreen all summer on our entire family. It’s our favorite.

This mascara is so, so great for big lashes. I use it for special occasions because I want it to last – it’s one of those. Five stars.

If you struggle with applying eyeshadows, these shadow sticks are fool-proof and really pretty. I will often bring them with me when I travel because I can apply and blend with my finger, skipping bringing eyeshadow brushes.

My favorite deodorant. I buy a three-pack every year during the sale and it lasts me all year. Trust me on this one, I’ve never met a single person who tried it and didn’t like it. Seriously.

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In the lounge category, we have pieces you will really actually wear (let’s be honest).

I have three pairs of these short and long-sleeved pajamas. They are so silky soft and comfortable. I even wore them throughout both pregnancies.

I bought this exact grey cashmere scarf years ago in this sale and wear it all the time, especially in travel. I handwash it at home. Worth every penny.

I bought this bra and this bra last year and they were some of my top sellers, along with this underwear. I bought $100 of underwear one year because I wanted to toss old undies. If you buy ANYTHING from this sale, let it be fresh, great underwear. THAT will make you feel rich, and I’m being 100% serious. And hanky pankies! Everyone loves hanky pankies!

Mens and athleisure coming up next! Thank you so much for checking in and trusting me. XO –

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