As I mentioned on a guest post for Always A Blogsmaid, I love pilates.  I have taken several mat pilates classes in several cities and I love popping in this dvd for a quick workout at home as well.  I always feel productive sweating it out with intense cardio (treadmill, elliptical, walks/jogs outside), but pilates is like getting a massage.  I leave the class feeling stronger yet relaxed and peaceful, while being sore the next day as if I ran three miles.

I’d been dying to try reformer pilates and finally scheduled a class last week at The Pilates Studio of Ridgeland. The first visit is only $10 (the second visit increases to $20, but ask about the monthly deals and specials).  For those of you who may not be sure what exactly the reformer machine is or how it’s used, here’s a short video example:

If you’re like me, you’re thinking, “I don’t think my body is going to move like that,” but you are WRONG!  These machines are incredible and I’m not surprised…..I’m obsessed.  The teachers are calming, helpful and encouraging and I quickly realized that I had no reason to be intimidated or nervous.  I even asked two of the instructors about exercises I could do at home to target specific areas and they kindly shared and demonstrated several things I could do in my own time.

What’s so amazing to me is that there are unlimited ways to use this machine.  Each instructor has different exercises and methods  – try taking a regular pilates class and then power pilates.  I took these two classes two days apart and I don’t think we did one similar move – it was a completely new class.  Having so many different instructors on the schedule helps keep every class fresh and challenging.  I took my measurements when I began taking the reformer classes and I’m eager to see how they change once I’ve committed to regular classes.  

I love the lengthening and stretching that pilates provides and it feels like therapy for my body.  In the Ridgeland studio there are ceiling fans over all of the machines, keeping the temperature cool and providing a breeze which makes these workouts even more enjoyable in this excruciating summer heat.  I’m telling you – try a class.  I feel confident you’ll be glad you did.  PLUS you’ll get to admire the beautiful decor — one mirror and oriental runner for me, please!

Come to the Ridgeland studio and maybe we’ll be in a class together!  
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5 thoughts on “The Pilates Studio of Ridgeland

  1. I have always wanted to try Pilates. Per pictures, This Studio is beautiful! I most def will call and get more info. Thanks for the great Blog, Kat!

  2. I would love to! I called the Studio and spoke to a very charming young man. He is the manager, I think he said his name was Braxton, My office Phone has been experiencing technical difficulties so I could barely hear his sweet voice. I am VERY excited.

  3. I LOVE reformer classes…but they are a splurge for me in DC. Classes are $45 each if you buy them individually- with discounts and packaging they never get lower than $30 each. You’re lucky that they’re relatively cheap there…keep going, it’s awesome and great for getting in perfect bridal shape.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing!! I can imagine they’re expensive in DC. Classes are definitely more of a splurge than most gym classes, but I was say reformer pilates is comparable to pure barre, yoga centers, etc.

      I need to get in bridal shape. Thank you for the motivation!

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