I’ve been researching how I can master the perfect hair bun or “top knot” and I’ve seen several instructional videos that are pretty good, but I still can’t seem to get the height that I’m looking for.

Enter the delightfully named hair donut!!  This mesh ring goes around your ponytail and then you cover your hair around it — giving you the large hair bun of your stylish dreams.  This little thing is seriously turning bad hair days around.  I watched some tutorials and read several reviews and realized that military gals have been using these since the 80s — even though I’m just finding out about it now!

Keep in mind this donut will also help you achieve a sizable low bun.  You’ll need: Hair Stylers Mesh Chignon from Sally Beauty Supply .

Personally, I think the messier it looks, the better — so no worries if you don’t get it perfected in your first couple of tries.

I like a messy bun–for lots of reasons.  One, because it’s way easier–two, because it’s fun and goes with the flow if you have some small pieces pulled down or fly-aways that come up during the day.

And that’s all there is to it!  You don’t have to have long hair to rock the top knot.  As long as you can fit your hair in a high ponytail, you can pull this off.  If you like this look — I DEMAND you buy this hair donut from your local Sally Beauty.  It comes in blonde, black and brown — so there is something for all yous (RHONJ shoutout).

Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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6 thoughts on “How To: The Perfect Top Knot

    1. Yes I’ve seen some people do the sock-way!! I was SHOCKED and definitely intrigued at the idea of rolling up a sock and sticking it in my hair..but I’m certainly not above it. I might be trying that one!

  1. Kat – do you have layers in your hair? I have the HARDEST time doing the sock bun! It gets like half my hair and the other half is a hotmess. Am I missing something?

    1. I do have some long layers but I just pin those suckers away with bobby pins. I haven’t used the sock bun yet — I’ve been using this mesh bun. Perhaps some product would help grab your hair easier? I’m sorry I’m not much help!!

  2. Wow, I am so glad I found you when I googled DIY BluePrint Juicing! I’ve seen the donuts everywhere but always thought it was a gimmick that wouldn’t work. Going to buy one asap and follow your directions 😀 Love the other hair posts too!

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