I’ve given Andy Cohen two shoutouts — one on my honeymoon reading his amaze book (completed in less than 48 hours) and the other holding this Mazel shirt…I’m going to keep tweeting him until I hear back!  Brace yourself Andy.

A quick stop at Georgetown Cupcakes downtown…where I saw a Kitchenaid mixer that belonged in my kitchen.

Birthday truffles for Karen from the always-thoughtful Jennifer Rose!

One of my favorite elements of the Saks window displays is that you can always see the reflection of Rockafeller Center in the background.

* * *

My quick visit to NY was fabulous, as NY always is, and I came home looking forward to the next opportunity I might have to go back.  This two-part post however, would not be complete without sharing my Delta travel experiences…

Top 6 Reasons You Should Never Fly Delta:

1)  Your luggage might get run over by a driver in an SUV who refuses to apologize (true story).  You lecture him until he agrees to be more careful to not run over people’s luggage and feeling that you won, you walk away.  He probably gives you the bird behind your back.

2)  You might have to run through the airport to catch a flight because your initial flight was delayed an hour due to a flight attendant not showing up for work (is a small plastic cup of diet coke and a child’s handful of peanuts worth it?  Not really).

3)  You can’t stop sweating post-airport dash and the flight attendant on your second flight makes you check your Hartmann luggage because there’s no room in the inn….but once your sweaty self enters the plane you realize he was wrong as you stare at the perfect empty spot in the overhead bin and now your luggage is being tossed around like a 40 lb. hot potato below deck.

4)  To apologize for all four of your Delta flights being delayed 40 minutes – 1 hour and 15 minutes, Delta gives you $12 dollars in meal vouchers.  Said vouchers are used for three lattes…but had coffee not have been available, the vouchers would have been used to purchase anything that was available and then would have been thrown in the trash can…because making sure I spent every cent of said voucher helped me sleep at night.

5)  You pay an extra $25 for priority boarding but that doesn’t matter when all of your flights are delayed and you run through the airport to get ON the plane, having to check your luggage because everyone else has already boarded.  Also doesn’t matter when no one even checks the tickets to confirm which zone is boarding.

6)  You have the pleasure of only being able to sit in 1/2 of your seat thanks to your aisle mate and the flight attendant’s cart rams your body each time it comes down the aisle.

What’s your favorite airline?  Continental?  American Airlines?  Southwest? Would love any tips or recs on your favorite airlines! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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27 thoughts on “Christmas in NY, Part II

  1. They are all horrific to be honest. We flew US Airways over Christmas and got stuck in Charlotte, with only the clothes we had on (which happened to be sandals and sundresses, since we were headed to the Caribbean) and it was 27 degrees. Had to find a motel and eat bad Chinese food in our motel room.

    Really – they are all bad. I hate Southwest because I hate that they don’t give seat assignments. I didn’t pay $400 so my husband and I could see 40 rows apart in middle seats.

  2. Ahaha, I love/hate hearing terrible airline stories. It’s like a car crash, can’t help but gawk! Did you know that DELTA stands for “doesn’t ever leave the airport”? I’ve only used them for direct puddle-jumper flights and it’s been ok. But I can definitely see them getting connections all messed up.

  3. I’ve always heard horror stories from people flying delta! I was lucky enough to fly Virgin America to NY last year, and felt like royalty in coach! Personal televisions where you could watch movies and order snacks… very cool!

  4. JetBlue! I’m on the West Coast so I’m not sure what their coverage is like back east, but they are always on time, keep track of luggage, have yummy snacks, and personal televisions broadcasting DirectTV! Can you say BRAVO MARATHON? (“Can I get a hell yeah?”) Affordable, too.


  5. Oh no! i’ve flown delta forever and it’s always been decent. i log about 1 international flight and 1 domestic flight with them per year and no problems yet (fingers crossed!). i do refuse to fly air tran and southwest (horrible! only one time with each). damaged/lost suitcases are my biggest nightmare. my husband’s suitcase had a zipper jammed in probably from ramming it into other suitcases but that was our only bad experience. i am really picky about any connecting cities and i think that helps.

  6. JetBlue! I fly them for work all the time (and I travel quite frequently) and I have never had a problem. No bag fees, free snacks and TV on board, no matter how long the flight. One time I was flying from Boston to Denver and my TV was not working, the flight attendant gave us credit and a free drink screwdriver or bloody mary!

  7. Looks like you had a great trip minus the flights! I think it is hit or miss with every airline. I flew American Airlines once and there were so many issues with the plane (they even announced there were loose screws, etc.) that we sat on the plane for 2 hours and when they finally let us get off we had to sit in the airport for another 4 hours and they gave us a $10 meal voucher… I have flown Delta ever since and have had no problems. They have always been more than helpful. I hope I don’t have a bad experience in the future!

  8. I’ve recently fallen in love with SouthWest.

    Free checked bags… no assigned seats…and Ritz cracker chips as snacks!!! Good advertising by Ritz because I sure have bought 2 big size bags at home now they were so yummy. Only problem is Jackson is a tiny airport so they only have select flights at certian times… try to book there next time and ALSO – if you fly Delta you get those biscoff cookies… screw the peanuts! Gimmie the cookie!


  9. all airlines suck now. traveling (at least the flying part) is terrible unless you have status and can be upgraded, board early and sit in the lounge and away from the general public.

    1. I mean…when all these extra charges are due to overall weight on the plane, why don’t we? You’re telling me that a 35lb 4-yr old should cost as much as a 175lb adult? Makes no sense!

  10. I had similar issues with Southwest, I have a beautiful Louis Vuitton duffel that I treat like a baby, and I was carrying it on once. The flight attendant told me there was no overhead space and that I would have to check it. I told her I would try and fit it under the seat and she said she doubted it would fit. Guess what? I fit it perfectly under my seat! No way I was checking my baby in!

    Other than your flight issues your photos are fabulous! I still have yet to go to NYC but am hoping to go this year! 🙂

    1. I LOVE that you breezed past her and made it work – that’s what I should have done!! Behind this laptop I am clapping for you!

  11. Love your photos! I’m going to New York next Christmas, could you please give a list of hotels and restaurants you would recommend for us. We stayed at the Palace last time but would love to try the Peninsula or the Four Seasons. Would love some of your stylish ideas

    1. Lucky you! Most of my favorite things were included in these two posts, but I would recommend one of the Affinia boutique hotels for sure — very nice and helpful and off the beaten path so you can get away from the crowd. I’ve never stayed at the Peninsula but would LOVE it. I have stayed at the St. Regis in NY and it is also fabulous.

      As for restaurants — I always love L’Ecole, Serendipity, Cafeteria, Rosa Mexicano, Papatzul,Cafe Habana, Rue57 — and of course I would always recommend the food trucks in Bryant Park!

      And I’ve never gotten around to exploring Brooklyn but it’s ALWAYS on my to do list!

  12. Delta is the WORST! I stick to USAir only because my brother works for them or United (Continental.) They all pretty much stink unless you’re flying internationally. So sad.

  13. Can I just say that all of these comments are amazing and totally comforted me, knowing that I wasn’t just an intolerant crazy person but rather one of the MAJORITY who dreads flying!!

    I love you all — you understaaaaand me.


    And thank you for all the tips too!!!

  14. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and think you are a gorgeous dead ringer for Minka Kelly. However, I found your comments about the lady seated next to you unkind, and frankly, ugly. I’m sure many readers sympathized with that situation, but I’m not sure I would have risked turning another reader off who may have an obese loved one or may have weight issues themselves. Your blog is so lovely and your life is seemingly so blessed…I’m just surprised to see this side of you. I’m disappointed in myself for being disappointed in you, as sometimes as a reader we allow ourselves to become too invested in strangers, but there you have it.

    1. Cheryl, first of all, thank you for your honest and respectful comment and opinion. I didn’t not intend to ridicule or embarrass anyone, and my sarcastic comment wasn’t intended for anyone overweight. However, I do believe that if someone pays $400 for an airline ticket, they are entitled to be able to sit in their entire seat. Sitting next to someone who doesn’t really fit in their seat can be uncomfortable for all concerned. There’s a lot of debate and articles about this and many obese Americans have chosen to purchase an additional seat.

      I don’t disagree that my comment was offensive and for that I do apologize. I recognize that obesity is an epidemic in America, costing our country more than $147 billion annually, but I also believe that allowing someone to only purchase one ticket when they cannot fit in their seat is not ethical or considerate of the rest of the aircraft.

  15. Kathleen,

    I want to start by saying, I love your blog. I think you are smart, classy, beautiful and very funny,at times you inspire me to go the extra mile.

    I am also a 20 something,love fashion, animals and was married 11/3/12. I work and live in New York City, so I am so happy you enjoyed your trip here so much! Like you, I have a very blessed life and I thank God everyday for all that I have.

    I see another reader already addressed their feelings about your remarks in terms of overweight people. I am not here to harp on this as you have already apologized. However, I read your comments yesterday and they resonated with me that entire day. You are right. People who do not fit in their seat should buy two. That should not be up for debate. However, you could have said just that and moved on. Not painted all overweight people as greasy,chip, eating slobs that wear sweat pants and wipe their hands “Paws” on their pants. Look, I am 5’9 and a size 18. I am tall a drink of water and very, very, aware of my size. I am strong, healthy and beautiful…just the way I am. However, I work out every day and eat correctly. This is just how God created me.

    I just want you to know that your blog may inspire ladies everywhere who are not as lucky as ourselves. I can understand that at times when you are sitting behind your computer putting together your post for that day, it may not occur to you who or how many people you may be reaching.They may not have been taught how to take care of themselves or have the resources you and I have available to us. You may be their only example of how beautiful life can be, how to demand the best for themselves, and if they worked hard enough, they could have a life like you too. Remember that. That is all I wanted you to understand from my message.

    Best Regards, Kathleen ( yes it is my name too!)

    1. First of all, I love your name.

      Secondly, thank you for taking the time to share your comment and feelings with me. I agree with everything you so eloquently said and yes, I agree that I could have and should have stated my opinion with as much grace as you. Unfortunately I didn’t, and for that I apologize.

      Thank you for being a reader despite my flaws and bouts of intolerance — I’m not perfect, just a sassy girl who spouts her ramblings on a blog as a part-time hobby.

      Hope you’e loving the fab life in NY — XO

  16. So sorry about your Delta experience! I’ve always flown Delta, and it’s great about 99% of the time. I will admit that I’ve had frustrated moments, but it’s usually because of other customers, not actually Delta’s fault. With that said, my absolute favorite airline is Virgin Atlantic. I have zero complaints! 🙂

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