It’s always nice to have a few bad hair day tricks up your sleeve.  This twisted bun has been a nice addition to my bad hair day/rushed mornings (which is 80% of mornings), along with the top knot (recently updated – those photos were hideous), side braid and voluminous ponytail.

This messy bun is a just a variation of the regular hair bun with a quick extra step at the beginning…twisting! You’ll need:


That’s it!  It takes no time and provides a slightly more interesting look than the plain ol’ bun.  Hope you like!

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8 thoughts on “Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial

  1. I’m definitely going to try this out this weekend! I always try to find new ways to do my hair up, and this looks promising!

  2. OH wow. you make it look so easy. I am so bad with hair but will try this.
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    Not Going Out Like That

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