I’ve had this suitcase for years — a set a bought from Goodwill back in jr. high.  I’ve seen several suitcase-to-cat-beds on pinterest and once I picked up this girlfriend from the parking lot I knew this suitcase was eventually going to turn into a pet bed.  I recently had the urge to make it happen after hearing Christian complain about throw pillows + Kat + Lula = sofa hogs.So for about $30, Miss Lula LaShonda has a cat throne all to herself!


Stay in there, girlfriend!  My lap (or laptop on lap) is not your bed anymore.

Nap Time!

You’ll need: 

  • old suitcase 
  • 4 salvaged furniture legs or scrap pieces that could be legs
  • 1″ wide painter’s tape
  • white & black spray paint (I also touched up spots with black & white acrylic paint)
  • drill
  • pillow & blanket
  • any additional trinkets you want to use to jazz up the suitcase bed — I made Lula a burlap sign!


Once you have your suitcase, it’s up to you if you want to paint it or not.  I chose to paint mine chevron after seeing this tutorial that stole my cat lady heart.

I simply taped off the chevron design and spray painted the design, touching up with acrylic paint afterward (thank goodness for a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders marathon).  Once dry, I made a little Lula banner and hung it to each side of the suitcase.

I wrapped an inexpensive faux sheepskin from eBay around a pillow to make her little cat bed.  My sweet brother-in-law found these salvaged wooden spindles and snagged them for me and the CHBoo used his electric drill and fancy schmancy tools to attach these babies to my cat lady creation.

He then mumbled, “I can’t believe the first time I got to use this thing was to help you make a cat bed.”

I mean…more like you’re welcome for giving you an opportunity to use your awesome drill, right?

What do you think?  Is this cute or 10 degrees of cat lady crazy? Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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8 thoughts on “DIY: Vintage Suitcase Cat Bed

  1. SO PRECIOUS!!!!! Lula is a love bug and I hope she will love her new bed better than your lap. Time will tell! I’m impressed at your and Christian’s skilz. If the ENT does not work out – you two can craft TOGETHER!
    Love it!!!!

  2. I would totally do this for Ollie-cat so I’m not a good judge on the spectrum of “cat-lady-crazy” but I think its a great idea! Good for you! 🙂

  3. Sweet, sweet, naive Kathleen, you honestly think a pet (especially a cat) is gonna actually use something you want them to use lol Good luck with that!:)

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