To touch back on the wedding subject from last week, I have shared with y’all how much I adore Brittany Fuson‘s talent (like here), but I am so thrilled to share the fabulous bridal illustration she created for me.

When I saw on instagram that she sketched bridal portraits, I immediately knew I had to have one!  Brittany is always so friendly, accommodating and easy to work with — her personal and professional style has me always following her to see what she’s up to.  I knew I had to frame this special custom design with my other two B. Fuson illustrations — so fun!

I think she nailed it!  A BIG thank you to Brittany for sharing your time and talent with me.  For all the recent or soon-to-be brides out there — this is something I would definitely recommend asking for.  Hello wedding present! Thanks so much for reading – XO –
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  1. I have already started hinting for one of these to my fiance! I adore all of your prints!

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