Christian and I had so much fun spending the day in San Diego visiting with his cousin who lives there with her husband (and puppy!).  My sister and brother-in-law lived in La Jolla several years ago, and it was so fun to walk around the area and recognize landmarks.

My two favorite memories of visiting San Francisco in high school are the sea lions and touring Alcatraz. Similarly, some of my favorite San Diego memories are the seals and the views from the mountains.  When we drove to the top of Mount Soledad and got out of the car, I couldn’t help but look at the cross at the top of the mountain and feel so thankful that the Lord has brought us to this incredible place.  We feel so blessed to have this opportunity and I am just so happy to finally be here!

Sunset at the top of Mount Soledad:

Beautiful treats at Extraordinary Desserts:

Thank you for checking in!  XO –

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13 thoughts on “Day Trip to San Diego

  1. So jealous! Cali is paradise 🙂 When we lived there when I was little we went to the San Diego Zoo and it rocked 🙂 That’s all I remember about San Diego though, and the seals!!

  2. That pic of you two at the top of Mount Soledad is incredible. So glad you enjoyed my hometown and made it to Extraordinary Desserts!! Great choice 🙂

  3. the human cookie cutter picture is possibly THE cutest picture I’ve ever seen. I’m not kidding. The expression on your faces…. your joy, your anticipation, your vulnerability, your confidence ….all of it – ….it’s palpable. That’s a picture that your children will some day find and cherish. TAKE IT ALL IN. y’all deserve SMILE after smile. xxoo -jeane

  4. looks like such a fun daytrip! also, love your necklace – where is it from? on the hunt for a stick necklace just like that…

  5. so glad you had fun! and now i think i may need to make a trip to extraordinary desserts this weekend.

  6. Great photos! We’re going to San Diego this weekend for a wedding, it’s the first time I’ve gone back since my bf moved up to SF from SD in January. I am excited for some warm sunshine and the beach! Next time you’re in La Jolla you have to swim with leopard sharks! They are harmless but it is so fun and exhilarating (okay maybe we were a little scared too)! 🙂

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