We have packed up and hit the road heading to move to California – thanks so much for all of your warm wishes!  Christian sold his truck and is driving the moving van with Bailey while I’m in my car with Lula LaShonda…I’m not sure who has it worse.  I’ve been sharing some deets on instagram (follow along @carriebradshawlied) and on Saturday Miss lu meow-ed from 8:30am – 11:00pm without missing a beat.  

And this was WITH the prescribed xanax from the vet.  We skipped the meds on Sunday and I’m happy to share she did much better.  Traveling with a cat = no bueno.

The highlight of the drive so far has been the mountains and desert in Arizona.   Indiana Jones – are you here!?

WE ARE SO FLIPPIN’ EXCITED!!!!!  Thanks for checking in y’all – XO – 

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12 thoughts on “Moving to California

  1. Good luck with the drive/move! Nicholas is leaving on Wednesday for his cross country move. So excited for all of y’all!

  2. So proud for you! Best wishes in your new adventure but please don’t forget to come back home to live 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading about your new life in Cali!

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