We had so much fun riding our bikes around Newport, Balboa Island and Lido Isle on Thursday celebrating Independence Day.  It was one of the most fun 4th of July’s I’ve ever had – Los Angeles and Miami being at the top as well thanks to my fabulous friend Shallon and her fabulous July 4th birthdays!

Christian and I came across a particular area of Newport that was pouring with high school kids, making me feel like a neglectful babysitter.  No matter how “young” I think I dress, I still feel like Christian and I stick out like sore thumbs by looking so conservative.  Everyone also tells us that my accent gives us away instantly, while Christian manages to blend in perfectly.  WHATEVER Y’ALL.  But in all seriousness, we have been so appreciative and amazed at how friendly and helpful everyone has been to us in SoCal.  Everyone is so happy and welcoming, and it’s really helped us feel at home so quickly.

Here are some photos I snapped throughout the day – tell me what you did on the 4th!


boatneck shirt – H&M, love this one (on sale!) / dolphin shorts – Forever21, love these and these / bag – Coach, old, similar here / Swatch watch / chain bracelet – INPink (c/o) / monogram pendant – BaubleBar / sandals – Miss Trish for Target, love these / sunnies – boutique, love these and these (on sale!)

I finally had my first (and definitely not my last) Balboa Bar!  Similar to my frozen banana, seen here,  I chose the “everything” topping, which needs no explanation.  More sugar is better.



This blue wig really would have made my holiday outfit.  Although the lady on a bicycle dressed as the Statue of Liberty would have been hard to beat.




So blessed and proud to celebrate this holiday.  Hope you had a beautiful weekend!  Thanks for reading – XO –

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11 thoughts on “4th of July Snaps

    1. It’s actually a vintage Coach bag I found in a consignment store. It’s such a great size and I’ve tried to find a similar bag for friends but can’t seem to find a similar Coach bag. I do know Marc by Marc Jacobs has some cute crossbody bags!

  1. It looks like you had such a wonderful 4th! LOVE those shorts you have on, they’re so fun. You looked adorable as always. I’m glad you are feeling at home in SoCal already, I’m in Northern CA but glad to hear my fellow Californian’s are treating you well 🙂

  2. Fabulous as always – so I’m really just checking in to say that your pictures make me ache (ACHE) for the place my husband and I used to call home. We lived in CM, too. So glad you’re enjoying life in OC! There’s really nothing else like it!


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