Christian and I recently went on our first hike together in Laguna Beach.  I always thought I would enjoy hiking, and I was excited to experience my first hike in the mountains with the husband.  While walking, we took a peek at the campgrounds.  Christian claims himself as the “outdoorsman” and loves to be outside whenever possible.  I’ve usually resisted activities such as camping, using the Southern humidity and mosquitos as my excuse.

My excuses have all been used up and since Christian somehow managed to store the air mattress, cooler and camping tent in our 850-square foot apartment…I have agreed to go camping with him.  The Real Housewives of Orange County went “glamping” (glamorous camping) last season…so maybe I can tell myself I’m glamping rather than roasting weenies over a candle, since our grill remains in Mississippi.

Any of you girly-girls like to go camping?  My only kind of camping is something like this:

My sister and I watched this movie so many times I think I have the entire thing memorized.  I now have a copy of it on dvd…which I’m sure I’ll bring on our “camping trip.”  Love the tailoring scene, dancing scene (“do the Freddy”) and of course cookie time.

Below are some photos of our day hiking and walking around Laguna. Any of you have some camping survival tips? Do share!!  Thanks for reading – XO –

Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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14 thoughts on “Hiking on the Coast

  1. I have no doubt youll be able to glamp. You look glamorous just hiking Seriously, spill your sweat proof secrets!

  2. Camping tips are totally dependent on how long you’ll be out there, if you’ll only be there for a night, you can probably get away with a few more goodies like bringing homemade snacks, wine, your own pillow. Also, we love using Govino wine glasses for picnics, and they would definitely make camping more fun! I would also suggest bringing some dry shampoo and face wash towelettes, and just skip the makeup altogether.

    Also, not sure how buggy it is in Cali, but these really, really work. Just be sure to put them far enough away from your tent because they smell like death:

    Other than that, I would just say embrace it! Camping is only going to be fun if you decide to ignore the fact that your hair is greasy, you’re sweating, etc. and decide to just go with it.

    Oh and self medicate with plenty of s’mores 🙂

    1. Of course you have all the good tips. THANK YOU! Cali skips out on a lot of the bugs but the dry shampoo and face wash towelettes are genius tips. Can I just camp for one night or does it have to be the whole weekend??

    2. You need to go the whole weekend, Kathleen. Sorry. Think of all those photos Christian takes of you for the blog!!!

      Besides, you might actually like it! You should totally round up another couple and do a fun double date. At least that way, there will be another girl to listen to you gripe about the heat/grime/nature/dirt/scary sounds.

      Oh, ear plugs could be a good one too!

  3. The best part of hiking for me is finishing and indulging in Reel Inn (In Malibu) for fresh fish and a cold beer!!

    It’s all about balance right??

    Have you made it to Malibu yet? It’s a bit of a hike for you guys, but a day trip to Paradise Cove would be seriously worth it!

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