I instagrammed a photo of these last week, and I’ve been resisting taken scissors to my entire jean drawer.  The longer length feels a bit more polished than my roomy Levi’s cutoffs and the cuffed leg is a cute finishing touch.  I distressed these in a few spots but that’s optional.  Think about where you’ll be wearing these and if that’s a good addition to your shorts!

These were a pair of bootleg 7 For All Mankind A-pocket jeans that I hadn’t worn in years – now they’ve been reborn into summer shots and I plan on wearing them all over town.


  • jeans that need a revamp
  • measuring tape or stick
  • chalk or a fabric marker
  • a pair of scissors (I keep a pair with my sewing supplies that is only used on thread and fabric so they’re extra sharp)


I think the key with getting DIY denim shorts the right length is to put them on often to make sure you  like the way they’re looking.  Slip on your jeans and think about where you’ll want them to hit.  If you plan to cuff your shorts add about two inches to your desired length and make a clear marker with chalk or your fabric marker.

Take the jeans off and use the measuring tape or stick to draw a straight line across the jeans.  Cut on the line and slip them on again to make sure you like the length before moving onto the next leg.

I use the now cut pant leg to measure where to draw the line on the untouched leg.  Line them up at the seams and draw another straight line in preparation for cutting.

If you want to distress your jeans in a few places, check out this tutorial on how to do that.  It’s really easy!

Now wear your shorts with everything and throw on a fedora or panama hat.  What do you think?  Is this something that y’all could get into?  I’ll show you how I wear mine tomorrow.  Thanks for checking in and reading!! XO –

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10 thoughts on “DIY Distressed Denim Cuffed Cutoffs

  1. I have been obsessing over worn-in jean shorts this summer. Thank you for the tutorial, I might have to go and make my own pair now!Is there a length you would recommend for people who are a bit older then tweens with their bottoms hanging out? 😉

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