Y’all have seen me mention Meredith Morris on CBL here and here, but it’s time I share some more info about this fab lady.

I met Meredith through her cute-as-a-button mother, Marilyn.  Marilyn and I did Pilates together at my beloved Pilates Studio back home in Mississippi.  Marilyn shared my blog with Meredith and as soon as we got to know each other we were instant friends.  Meredith is one of those girls that you meet and in 10 minutes you feel like you’ve been friends 10 years.  She is positive, encouraging, cheerful and she’s quickly serving as my Mississippi to California role model.  She has adjusted so well here while still holding onto her charming Southern roots.  I love that she often uses the phrase “living.”  Ex:  “I was tired today but decided to go hiking and then hit the beach instead of staying in bed.  Living.”  I am kind of obsessed and have now completely stolen the phrase from her – just ask Christian.

In Mississippi, I adored both Syd Curry at Smoak and Lauren Longo at Gloss.  Both stylists are fabulous and Syd styled my wedding mane, while Lauren gave me some fabulous highlights for the wedding festivities.  My inner lazy was just letting the highlights grow out, so when Meredith suggested adding some subtle ombre into my hair I was instantly onboard! Meredith recently rejoined the Studio DNA team in Hollywood and I was excited to see her new work digs.

She has spent almost 10 years in Los Angeles and has styled the hair of Hollywood stars and starlets from A to Z. She’s a pro and a beauty trendsetter, and to have her color my hair was such a privilege.  Along with my (now two pairs of) Chuck Taylors, my new ombre hair is another West Coast-inspired moment…and I’m loving it!

This is air-dried, untouched hair…don’t be frightened (even though I am)!

This picture shows how annoying I am.  And how much I adore Meredith for putting up with my shenanigans with her sweet smile.

I’m obsessed!  Thank you for reading and a BIG thank you to Meredith and Studio DNA for my new beachy ‘do. You can also visit Meredith’s brand new blog, Now That’s The Look or check out her instagram account or personal instagram.  If any of you are in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check her out!  You won’t regret it.  XO –

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6 thoughts on “Hair by Meredith

  1. Kathleen, I already proclaimed my love for your new hair color, but I wanted to compliment Meredith for such natural work. Too bad we’re on opposite coasts, or I would totally visit your studio 🙂 I love a good ombre (mine has been growing out for about 10 months now & still looks great). Good luck to you!


  2. Looking good Kathleen!! Love your hair! Glad you hooked up with Marilyn’s daughter! We miss you at the Pilates Studio but love following your life in Cali.

    XOXO Shelley Winstead

    1. Shelley oh how I MISS YOU!!! Marilyn is fab and her daughter is nothing short of fabulous – as you can see! I miss y’all so much you have no idea. Visiting y’all at the studio was the best part of my day and I had my first pilates experience in Newport Beach today and it couldn’t hold a candle to Ridgeland. Miss you miss you MISS YOU!! xo –

    1. You are spot on. She’s a serious talent and I’m so glad y’all are loving working together! Thanks for taking the time to check out my review of Miss Meredith! xo –

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