– being able to have happy hour and Tuesday tacos with Christian –

– grabbing a quick lunch on the corner and falling in gryo heaven at Akropolis

– new bamboo breakfast trays I scored off of eBay that are changing my mornings in a big way –

– a little cajun taste of home from Ritters

– paddleboarding on a beautiful day…and falling in so many times I lost count –


Other Mentions:

  • Discovering Modere and thinking I need these satiery chews to curb my afternoon hunger at my desk.
  • Making Christian watch the camping episode (part 1 / part 2) of Nick & Jessica on Newlyweds (I own all the seasons of course) to prepare him for a better look at reality for our weekend adventure.
  • Stalking bloggers and instagrammers in New York for NYFW and watching some of the shows live online (amazing!).
  • A friend sharing 15 Ways “Sex and the City” Lied to Me About Life – hilarious.
  • She’s just being Miley.  This music video confirming that I think Miley Cyrus has lost her marbles.  She is starting to look like the female prisoners in Orange is the New Black.

I’ve had a flashback this week to Christian’s last year of med school.  I trot off to work and the house husband stays home, runs errands (mostly mine) and cooks dinner.  I gotta say, I don’t hate it. Christian has had this week off of work and has enjoyed relaxing, eating donuts and watching plenty of football.  Since I just started my new gig, I wasn’t able to take the week off to play, but we made sure to have plenty of adventures last week and I have agreed to go camping this weekend with our couple friends and neighbors (reference the Newlyweds clip above). Thanks for all y’alls camping advice here, I’ll be using it.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks so much for reading and HAPPY FRIDAY! xo –

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8 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. ah, Nick and Jess…loved them as a couple. I kind of took it personally when they split up. I’m a late comer to your blog. Realized later that we went to the same pilates studio in Ridgeland. Love reading your posts. It may or may not be the first thing I look up when I get to work. 😉 Happy camping!

  2. Hope you have an awesome time camping! You are brave 🙂 Sometimes you just have to step out of your box. I went hunting with my husband last Sunday. And…it wasn’t that bad :S

    p.s. you should try FRS Chews. They are 100% natural with no sketchy ingredients, two chews are 40 cals. I teach cycling at 5:15 am so I always have two before class. They give me energy without the shakes!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. You’re Miley/OITNB comment made me laugh so hard I woke up my puppy dog! I hadn’t thought of it until you mentioned it but you are so right! : ) Have a great weekend with new friends out in the great outdoors! You are braver than I am…camping in a tent sounds just awful!

  4. Kathleen – HUGE thanks for sharing 15 Ways “Sex and the City” Lied to Me About Life — hilarious, and after living in NYC, some of them feel very true!

  5. Love the 15 Ways “Sex and the City” Lied to Me About Life…huge thanks for sharing! Just had the best laugh at my desk – and sadly, some of that feels very true!

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