We’re going to skip Friday’s Five today and recap the week in instagrams and iPhone photos.  My camera has been at the camera hospital getting a facelift (a few minor repairs) this week and I’ve been without it…the horror!  No worries, this gal splurged on a new lens and as soon as I get my baby back I’m going to be ready to roll (you can see the lens in one of the photos above!).

A week indeed!  A quick trip to Chicago, a DVR fully loaded with goodies, starting to plan a romantic weekend with my husband to celebrate our one-year anniversary and some weekend pumpkin carving plans with friends – I am feeling happy and rejuvenated this week after such a stressful week last week.   Thank you for your tips and tricks on how you stay de-stressed.  Y’all have no idea how much you really bring into my life.  I’m so grateful for all of my helpful and kind readers!

I’m excited to finally share the winner of the gift card giveaway!! Thank y’all so much for your patience…the winner is… Erin Clish!!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered.  Just like last time…never fear, there’s another fun giveaway around the corner (wink wink).  Y’all have a beautiful weekend – XO

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5 thoughts on “A Week on the iPhone

    1. Get out!!! Our field is so fun – I love any chance to hang out with them! I manage all of our UD events in Ulta stores across the US – so fun that we basically work together!! 🙂

  1. Is that a pomeranian in shades? Too cute.

    Btw, I have to thank you for sharing your bedroom style in various posts over time. I’ve been coveting Horchow’s Bristol headboard for a long time and I finalllly bit the bullet and bought it…it arrived this week. LOVETH it.

    1. You know it is. Miss Kiki is fabulous!! I’m SO GLAD you bit the bullet – this headboard has been one of my favorite purchases ever. It makes such a statement and feels so luxurious. Congrats to you – so glad you are loving it!

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