1.  Jack Skellington cupcakes – yums!

2.  This cat lady costume that has my name written all over it (obviously).

3.  This lions mane that has Bailey’s name written all over it.

4.  The Food Network’s pumpkin carving contestChopped host Ted Allen nailed it with this one!

5.  This year’s American Apparel’s Halloween costume competition in full force, inspiration from last year (like these fab trolls) here.

6.  Forked eyeballs made from donut holes…yes please.

7.  Black bean cat crudités, because I just couldn’t resist sharing.

8.  Watching the best Halloween movie of all time, Hocus Pocus!

I just wanted to share a few things that have me excited about Halloween this year!  What do you have up your sleeve for the holiday!? Thanks for sharing – XO –

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    1. Is that not hilarious? Thanks for sharing your blog – I’m heading there to visit now! 🙂 XO –

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