– lunch at Villa Blanca

– and now having my Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio and Villa Blanca Pinot Noir –

mulholland drive

– overlooking Los Angeles at dusk from Mulholland Drive –

– bringing back out my leopard jelly loafers (similar here) –


– this adorable illustration by the talented Meshka Design who had now started her custom illustrations shop, gooseprint.  Adorable and affordable portraits, y’all check it out! –

TGIF.  I heard on the news that Monday, January 6th was the the most depressing day of the year because most people were back at work.  How sad is that?  I’m always happy to welcome the weekend and here we are.  Last weekend we had so much fun in Los Angeles, hence all the photos today!  

This time we plan to lay low and knock some things off the to-do list.  I want to get ahead before I head to Chicago next week.  What are you up to this weekend?  Getting back to reality with a new year house cleaning or were you smart and got that handled earlier!?

Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget that there are a few more days to win the Stella & Dot giveaway!  Have a beautiful weekend – XO –

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9 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. I love your blog! I’m glad I stumbled across it the other day. And btw I LOVE the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… I watched my first episode as a bit of a joke and oops what happened… had to watch every single episode! 😉 xx

    1. Welcome Minna!! You know, I’m not proud of how much reality TV I watch…but it’s the truth so I can’t hide it! Glad you love the Bev Hills ladies as much as I do 🙂 XO –

  2. “Getting back to reality with a new year house cleaning” – Oh, that just sounds so true… So that is it. Plus some gym plus some hanging out, but nothing special, I actually miss some nothing-to-do-time after all the socializing during the holiday season!

  3. Please GOD tell me you are prepping for Chicago by watching 100 days of summer. Do it. You’ll love it.

    Mulholland Drive was one of my FAVORITE places in Cali! So neat and I’m so jealous of villa blanca. I wanted to go to Sur so badly but it wasn’t open and we were real tired and didn’t want to wait around. Next time for sure. You must go and review it… say this weekend.

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