– a beautiful view from Top of the World in Laguna Beach –

– stopping to smell the adorable soaps in Lush –



– roses from the restaurant valet on Valentine’s Day –

– new Steve Madden sunglasses that I am really into –

– these Polagram printed instagram photos that I am obsessed with –

I had some exciting projects present themselves this week and I’m feeling motivated and inspired!  I am enjoying some downtime with both Christian and some girlfriends this weekend before I head back to Chicago for the week.  I find it so hard to watch what I eat when I’m traveling – any tips or should I just go by YOLO and eat deep dish pizza?

How cute are these polaroid-style photos from Polagram?  It’s an app that allows you to select instagram photos to print in various styles.  These are so adorable – I can just envision stringing wire and using clothes pins to hang these babies.

A Lula check-in — she continues to learn how to get around with her new body and we work hard to keep her from licking her wound so it will heal properly and quickly.  This has involved a few newborn onesie “crop tops” (you may have seen on instagram) and the head-cone, but she’s a good sport and we love her more than ever.  I will meet with the veterinary oncologist in the beginning of March for our first check-up and am hopeful that she will live a cancer-free life.  Only time will tell. Thank you SO much for your prayers!! You have no idea how much your encouragement means to me.  It has truly been essential in keeping me positive and optimistic that we made the right decision for her.

My mom recently shared this video and it moved me to tears.  I have a beautiful niece with special needs and a family full of animal lovers.  I felt like this video was speaking directly to my heart. Warning:  don’t watch this unless you have some tissues nearby!


Thanks so much for reading and have a beautiful weekend – XO –
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12 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. Hey Kathleen, See you’re coming to Chicago again. Would love to grab coffee, dinner or a drink if you’re free. As far as eating in Chicago, try some of these healthier places: Protein Bar or Freshii. It’s hard to resist all the delicious temptations of this city!

    1. Thank you for the suggestions, Monet!!! I’m traveling for work, I wish I had the flexibility of creating my own schedule! It would definitely involve a lot less work and more fun. Definitely!

  2. I think animals and babies get each other because they have the very, very purest of souls! So happy to hear that Lula is doing much better! And those Polaroid Instagram’s are SO cool!!

    1. I’ve always thought the same thing. Thank you for your sweet words, Caroline!!

  3. Thank you for sharing about Lulu and that video. So sweet and touching.

    As a native Chicagoan, I say get the deep dish pizza. It is pretty (very) filling and heavy so just plan to eat light before. I also love Topolobampo/Frontera Grill and Cafe Iberico for tapas & sangria. Toast and Bongo Room for breakfast are also delish. Based on these suggestions, it looks like I’m supporting the YOLO approach. Haha. But seriously, if your time permits, you can get in some good walking to help even out the indulgences.

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestions!! I pretty much YOLO my meals whenever traveling, paying for it later. Looks like that won’t be changing (again). Maybe I can hit the hotel gym!

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