I was so fortunate to be a part of the celebration of my niece‘s first birthday this week.  This precious little girl is the queen of my family.  I like to joke that she has more clothes than Mariah Carey and is usually being chased down by her many fans and paparazzi (yours truly being the #1 offender).  She was born into this diva lifestyle and from one self-proclaimed princess to another – there’s obviously a mutual respect between the two of us.

Many of Edie’s adoring fans from her Caringbridge site have asked for more photos from her birthday celebration and I am excited to share some of the moments I was able to capture!  I hope these photos warm your heart as much as they do mine.

A big thank you to everyone who sent birthday cards, gifts, prayers and love to Miss Edie and her wonderful parents, making her birthday extra special.  She would thank you personally herself but is still tired from her birthday appearance and like Mariah, requires three days of vocal rest before making additional appearances.

LaLa is Edie’s grandmother, nanny and personal chef (check out the gorgeous birthday cake in Edie’s favorite shade of pink).  Aunt Claudia is LaLa’s sister and is also known as Edie’s personal tailor who whips up most of her custom wardrobe. Edie keeps Aunt Claudia on a tight leash because if the outfit isn’t cinched in all the right places – she’s not interested.

Happy Birthday to a little girl who has taught so much to so many grown-ups.  Thank you for allowing me to be your Aunt Kat and continue to learn from you and the examples of your loving and proud parents.

Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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11 thoughts on “Edie’s 1st Birthday

  1. Nice job, Kathleen. I thought about her all day long on her birthday….but actually think about her often anyway! Beautiful party, family, and especially Edie! Thanks for posting…..

  2. Oh my goodness, I just read this precious one’s story at Caringbridge. She sure is a little miracle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to little Edie! What a great party for a beautiful princess.

  3. I remember reading your post when she was born and then reading this I was a mess of tears. That sweet little girl is so lucky and blessed to be born to a family that can give her the diva life she deserves! She is so unbelievably precious! xo

  4. Great pictures of a beautiful day with a true birthday girl. So special, I bet you cherish every moment. Think I noticed our birthday card in the backround. Glad we could be part of the celebration on paper and in heart.
    Love Wies and Eline (also Rhizokid) from the Netherlands.

  5. As a mother of two I teared up reading her story. How beautiful that she is so loved and has brought so much love to your family. I was hospitalized at 34 weeks with my 2nd child and induced at 35, not knowing if she would be healthy. She spent 6 days in NICU and came home. She is now 18 months and very healthy, happy, NORMAL and feisty. I am so thankful each day that I have two healthy and beautiful kids. God bless Edie and your family.


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