I had a special something in mind for a party coming up, and some tassel garland was the final touch I needed.  I was shocked at how easy this was to put together — only one piece of tissue papper makes four tassels = amazing!

This tutorial was super helpful and easy to follow.  An episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and a few steps created this tissue paper tassel garland — here’s how you can make one too.

Fold the square sheet of tissue paper in half lengthwise (or “hotdog” for anyone who was in Mrs. Grisamore’s class).

Then fold it in half again widthwise (again…or “hamburger”).

Then fold it again hamburger/widthwise.

Once you’ve done this, begin to cut the paper in strips, leaving about two inches at the top.  I later found out that clothespins helped to keep the paper in place so I could cut clean, even strips.

Once you’ve cut all of the strips, cut the section in half.  Once you fold it out you should have four sections.

Take a section and roll it up.  Once you’ve rolled it, twist the middle section and loop it around to make a circle.  Dab the base with a drop of hot glue and hold together for a few seconds, setting the glue.

Anytime I wrap a present or work on a craft project – Lu is front and center ready to pounce/drive me insane.  She was in full terrorizing mode for this project and I have to share some photos I snapped of this brat.

“What me?  No, I mean, I wasn’t messing with your dumb project.  I don’t even care what you’re doing.”

I wouldn’t assume anything if there wasn’t tissue paper hanging from your mouth.

She harassed me into exhaustion and when she took a cat nap I was able to move much quicker!  Continue making the tassels until you’ve reached your desired length and loop them all into a piece of twine.

That’s it!  So easy and a quick touch of fun to any party decor. Thanks for reading! XO –

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6 thoughts on “DIY: Tassel Garland

  1. LOVE this, Kat!! Thank you for posting – gonna have to save this idea for future events I have planned! 🙂

  2. So going to make this!!! thank you for the DIY instructions. will need to excercise the hotdog/ burger thing! I’m more a pancake/ chocolate kind of girl, but I’m sure it will work out!
    xoxo, Birgit

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