– this super fun new keychain from Etsy –

– meeting my perfect and precious nephew, Rowan –

– bringing back some Mississippi McCarty cups my sister gave me to California –

– the fact that my workplace has now taken a professional headshot of not only myself but also my kids (sidenote – this photo makes me want to take the ombre out of my hair and go dark again…what do y’all think?) –

– Halloween-inspired blooms scattered around the house –

Happy Friday!!  I’m so excited to have some downtime this weekend after several fun and busy weekends in Mississippi and LA. I need to play a little catch up and get inspired in the kitchen again…I can only eat so much grilled chicken and roasted vegetables before I’m totally bored.  I need to take more advantage of our crockpot, but I feel like I can only find good soup and chili recipes and it’s not quite cold enough for that just yet.  Do y’all have any suggestions?

I cannot believe it is almost November, my absolute favorite month because it’s the month I married my (mostly) dreamboat husband!  Last year, for our one year anniversary, we chose to explore the vineyards in Santa Barbara and stay at the Bacara as our gift to one another.  This year have chosen to sneak away to a cabin in the mountains, and Christian told me last night gifts were back on.  Help!  Do you have any anniversary gifts that you particularly loved or loved giving?  I’d love to hear.

I hope y’all have an amazing weekend – thanks so much for all your helpful advice! Happy giveaway entering! XO-


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19 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. Love the sweet picture of you and Rowan! Your hair – I say take out the ombre and go back to your “roots,” pun intended I’ve always thought your natural brown color is beautiful on you. Don’t go as dark as Lula – there should only be one raven haired beauty in your family – and Lula’s already claimed that spot!

  2. My girlfriend has a ton of that pottery! It’s so beautiful and I love the trademark!

    Loving the headshots, what hotties (all 3 of you!). Go dark for winter then back to ombre for spring!

    1. Aaawww I love it! It’s because she’s a Southerner!! And you are too now! 🙂

  3. I love giving my husband vintage/antique cuff links – not only bc they’re just so cool but bc they look so nice when he wears them out, and it reminds us each time he wears them of where they came from. The coolest pairs I’ve found are vintage ’40s sterling/onyx Taxco sterling pair, a mint green Lucite pair from the 50s, and milano glass pair from Italy. So fun! I get mine on either ebay or etsy.

    The fave gift I’ve received was a 3-row diamond pave band – gorg-wah!

    1. Very cool gift idea. Love that you’ve made it a tradition! Thanks so much for sharing!

      And gimme that pave band – gorgeous!

  4. Happy almost anniversary to you! I’m getting married this November and could not be more excited. So, I haven’t been through any marriage anniversaries yet, but have you thought about getting him a nice watch, belt or even a nice wallet? I would be happy with any of those myself, haha! If you are interested in keeping up with tradition, I think there is an anniversary gift guide for the different anniversary years you accomplish. Good luck with the gift and happy shopping!

    1. Ok don’t think I’m crazy…I’ve actually given him all THREE! Haha – we’ve been together 7 years so I feel like I’ve exhausted all my ideas! Thanks for the suggestions though – seriously – I need them. XO –

  5. Happy (early) anniversary! I’ve only just celebrated my first wedding anniversary and we went to NYC/US open as our gift to ourselves, so I’d love recommendations too!

    Last year I made a great and EASY boeuf bourgignon in the crock pot. If I find the recipe I’ll send you the link!



  6. Hope you have/had a great anniversary! My husband and I are celebrating our one year anniversary this weekend and are heading down your way to Orange County to escape (we live in Santa Monica)! Any suggestions on must-dos??

    Love, love your blog! Our styles are so similar, it’s amazing – you’re just about 10x more fabulous 😉

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