Happy Halloween to all of you from Lula LaShonda!!  #threelegsandfabulous

She usually reverts to the same witch Halloween costume, but it looks so good on her why mess with a good thing?

Have a fabulous and safe holiday – I’m typing this with a mouthful of Snickers…but it’s bite-size so it’s like, not even real candy, right?  Good thing I have this guide to help me match my vino to my candy – thanks for sending, Mom!

Thanks for reading – XO –


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4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Happy Halloween Lula! Love this post! I have two black cats – Irish and (Jaka) Beans, and they are my life. Love your style and photography! As an older fashion blogger, it’s nice to see a younger blogger with class and outfits that look effortless.

  2. Lula looks fab as always, goodness I love that kitty! Glad you like the candy to wine list, I thought it was perfect for a girl living so close to wine country!

  3. you always crack me up! the mini snickers definitely don’t count! we currently have some cookie dough in the fridge and i just keep telling myself that the faster i eat it, the faster it’s no longer tempting me ahahaa. i am sick and twisted and looking to be 500 pounds. whatevs.

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

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