Now that I don’t go home to my parents or in-laws house for Thanksgiving, I realize how much I took these holidays for granted when all I did was show up!  Not that I don’t love cooking and showing my love for others through food (I mean, hello, I’m Southern), but I have a feeling I’m going to come home from work and will be up into the AM prepping for Thursday.  All in the name of a casserole, right?
It’s fine, now that I have a serious addiction to this podcast.


This year, I plan to bring several dishes, including this sweet potato pie that is delicious time and time again.  Christian and I aren’t huge pumpkin-lovers, so the sweet potato is the perfect pie to accompany the mandatory chocolate-anything pie.  And you can’t serve dessert on a holiday without a hot cup of coffee.  This year, I have fallen head over heels in love with my Nespresso VertuoLine. I love that I can instantly have a hot cup of coffee, flavored coffee, decaf, an espresso, latte, macchiato, you name it. It’s actually the perfect machine for entertaining because you can straight up take coffee orders like you’re at Starbucks (but not like this).




I fell in love with this machine when there was one in our villa on our honeymoon.  And not that Christian doesn’t have amazing coffee-making skills, but this Nespresso has me looking forward to my morning stumble down the stairs and it’s the perfect partner to my Thanksgiving holiday.  Who has one of these beauties and how much do you love it?

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This post is sponsored by Nespresso USA. All opinions are my own.  Thank you so much for reading and for making posts like these possible!
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15 thoughts on “Nespresso VertuoLine

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to the Williams half of the family in Southern Cal !!! Enjoy and live with gratitude ! I love your bun and ditto on the sweet potato pie : )
    We are in love with our Jura coffee maker…best gift we ever gave ourselves !!!

  2. Loving the glassware!!! I’ve always wished I were a coffee/latte/espresso/cappuccino drinker…They all just smell SOOO good. The closest I get to drinking coffee is hot cocoa!!! I’m a dedicated Extra-Sweet Southern Sweet Tea drinker!!!

    Enjoy your day!!!

    1. That’s good though – good for you for not having a caffeine addiction like the rest of us! I actually don’t drink sweet tea – I’m a bad Southerner.

    1. Nespresso is doing it right – we’re all falling in love with the machines on vacation!

  3. That sweet potato pie sounds awesome! I may just make it to bring it into the hospital on Thursday. Oh, and I love the picture of Bailey! So cute!

    1. Ok if you’re making it for the hospital then you’re putting us all to shame. CHEERS to you for being such an amazing person!

  4. 1. You are welcome for all of the cooking Grammy and I did for you all of those years.
    2. Thanks for linking the SNL Starbuck’s clip – that NEVER gets old!!!
    3. I’m glad you and your brother will be together for Thanksgiving – although Dad and I won’t see any of our kids!!!!
    4. Kiss Edie and Rowan for me – a lot!

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