– taking some time to unwind from Christmas shopping to do what I do best, sip at Malibu Wines –

– finally seeing what life is like from the view of one of the little Malibu beach bungalows along PCH –
– all smiles –



– a jaw-dropping sunset that had us completely mesmerized –

– decorating the table for our intimate Christmas dinner with La Marca Prosecco

After a fun and family-filled week in Malibu and Santa Monica with my family, Christian and I enjoyed a quiet week at home with our fur babies for Christmas.   I really cherish these years where it’s just the two of us, allowing us to focus completely on each other and create our own little traditions – like staying in pajamas until noon and then going on a beach jog before resuming the sport of eating.  In addition to eating, booze is another great hobby of ours and this prosecco didn’t disappoint to toast such a lovely day.

For the cherry on top of the festivities, I was surprised with some of the items I had wished for from Christian and our families – like this pie dish, this loaf pan, this handbag and these shades.  I got some other kitchen goodies and this book and this book that I was seriously longing for!!  Now all I want to do is sit around, eat pie, and read my new books.  What’s new, right?

Tell me what goodies you scored under the tree!  Thanks so much for reading – love you guys – XOXO

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