It’s not a Hallmark holiday if there isn’t something sweet to celebrate with, right?  I actually baked these cookies for Christian on Super Bowl Sunday.  He was working all weekend and the man has a sweet tooth like a jr. high girl, so I knew if I made him so cookies it would be a treat.

I texted him a picture (which I later instagrammed), and his response was, “those don’t look like football cookies.” In my defense, I didn’t attend any Super Bowl parties because there was really no point if C couldn’t come with, considering we all know the only element of the game I cared about was Katy Perry (and Missy Elliott was an AMAZING surprise).  Because of this, I had kind of forgotten the game was even on – whoops!

But back to the cookies.  I am not a skilled baker.  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law can bake the most amazing cakes, breads, cookies and so on.  They have the skill and patience to decorate beautiful desserts, while I do not. SO, I wanted something that was practically fail-proof – enter chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies.

I used this recipe and added some sprinkles.  Trust me, if I can bake two batches of these, anyone can.

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champagne-cookie shortbread-sugar-cookie shortbread-cookies be-mine valentines-day-cookies heart-shaped-cookies

Are you baking this week?  A reader recently shared that she makes her husband chocolate-dipped strawberries every year and now it’s their tradition.  How sweet is that?  I’d love to hear your traditions… and if it involves food, well that’s even better.  Thanks for reading and happy red and pink week! XO –

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13 thoughts on “Valentine Cookie Recipe

  1. I love the saucer champagne glasses! That was the one thing I HAD to have at my wedding reception 10 year ago. Everything looks lovely…

    1. These were a gift and I was SO excited… I think it’s because I feel so “Downton Abbey” when using them – HA! They are so old school glam, loved that you had them at your wedding! Thanks for sharing – XO

  2. Like you Kathleen I have ZERO patience for baking. I’m really late to jump on the cake pop train but they are just so easy to make (and eat!) and you can get really creative with decorating them. I love the Bakerella website for inspiration. I make them for practically any occasion.

    1. I’ve never attempted cake pops, but thank you for sharing that they’re easy! I need to check out that site for sure – my husband’s birthday is actually coming up in March, so this could be perfect!

  3. These are so sweet! I’m definitely not a baker – I can cook but baking is an art, or a science…or both- but one that I have yet to master! lol
    I did however make chocolate covered strawberries for a Valentine’s Breakfast in Bed post on our blog today and using red, pink and white chocolate made them pretty as well as delish. Plus, super easy to make, which is always a bonus! haha

  4. Could you possibly let me know where you got those champagne glass cookie cutters?! Would definitely be super cute for a project I’m working on 🙂

  5. So adorable! You could have fooled me with the whole not a baker thing because these look like you bought them somewhere. I might just have to make some cookies for my co-workers now for Vday!

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