– finding the missing ingredient to avocado toast: red pepper flakes –


        – my new addiction to these sunglasses & the most hilarious book from my sister-in-law and niece –

      “An evening dress that reveals a woman’s ankles while walking is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.” – Valentino on finding ankles offensive


– trying out Lanakin to see if I can add some length to these stubby lashes of mine (will keep you guys posted on this process!) –


– a sweet-smelling surprise to try out from Scentbird based on a fragrance quiz I took –


– a daily dose of flamingos with this Casetify flamingo phone case –

After my pity party last Friday, I’m happy to share that it’s been a chin-up kind of week – so I’m grateful for a turnaround!  I ordered and received a collapsable garment rack to use while sifting through my closet, so this goal is going to happen (sooner rather than later), guys.  It might take me a little while (and some liquid courage), but it’s time to weed out those cocktail dresses I never wear anymore.  I keep using the MS to CA excuse – I needed corporate and cocktail in the South because my job was structured and the attire is more formal at church, work, weddings, etc.  In California you can wear board shorts to work and church, so my wardrobe has totally shifted, leaving my more formal pieces untouched.  Time to rip the bandaid off!

In totally unrelated and personal news… Christian and I are FINALLY visiting Disneyland this weekend!  The fact that we have yet to visit is basically a crime considering we live less than five miles from Disney and hear the fireworks every night at 9:30PM.  Christian isn’t really into the Disney scene, but I’m all about some rides, so I’m all over that (I think… it’s been a while and I’m a little afraid I now feel less invincible so it could be terrifying) and am forcing him to get onboard.  With a few fanny packs, Reeboks, tucked in t-shirts, autograph books and Mickey ears – I think we can take this to next level.  Gimme that turkey leg.

Have you been to Disney World or Disneyland lately and if so, what’s your favorite ride? Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to enter the Valentine’s Day giveaway! XO –

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  1. Red Pepper Flakes are a must with avocado toast! One of my favorite lunches and Space Mountain is still our favorite ride at Disney World. We have never been to Disney Land and sure hope to take the kids there one day. Enjoy & TGIF!

  2. You will love Disney! I grew up 20 minutes away from Disney World and have been more than my fair share of times. You don’t have to be a “Disney” person to really enjoy what the park is all about – returning to your childhood for a moment and having a lot of fun! I never went to Disney Land when I lived in LA but my husband always said it was a good time. You’ll have a blast! xx

    Audrey | http://www.keygypsy.com

    I’d love if you could check out my latest giveaway!

    1. These are Skyros Legado and they have a little “B” in the middle of the plate. I mixed Juliska and Skyros for my everyday china!

  3. Have fun! I just recently went (in October), as a “you’re almost 30 and no longer a kid” birthday gift to my boyfriend, who’d never been (we are nearby too)… so fun even as an adult, and word to the wise, there’s wine in California Adventure. 😉 That redeemed it for my bf haha. P.s. your toast makes me think of the delish avocado toast at Haute Cakes!

  4. I love Disneyland and go quite frequently (ap holder)! I think that Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones is a must, especially if you are going with a guy who is uncertain about Dland. I also really love Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean. Now in the food department you have to go to the Tiki Room and get a Dole Whip Float. They are the best snack you can get in the park!

    1. All of the things you mentioned are seriously on my little list I’m keeping for our day at Disney! Is this Dole Whip situation a Disneyland thing? I don’t feel like I remember this about Disney World.

      1. It is at Disney World but it looks a little different haha. You can only get Dole Whips in Disneyland, Disney World, and Hawaii. The line is always long but it’s totally worth it (you can go inside like you are going in the tiki room and order one too- sometimes it moves faster). I hope you guys have a fun time! It really is a fun place even as an adult and I can’t wait too see pictures.

  5. That avocado toast looks delicious. I’ve always wanted to try it just haven’t. I’m obsessed with red pepper flakes. I use it to cook everything. I’m sure it makes the toast extra scrumptious!

  6. I second the dole whip and rides above! Space Mountain is always a good one too.

    The quote from Valentino is too funny.

  7. I went to Disneyland five years ago for college visits (or maybe that was just the excuse I made to go to Disneyland.) I hadn’t been in forever and the park part is definitely wonderful for nostalgia and fun, but when I went, the most serious coaster was at the California adventure! I can’t remember the name but it’s the main one you see when you walk in, we rode it over and over! Have a churro for us all…or five.

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