The past few years, I have made a conscious effort to stock up on basic pieces in my closet that can be worn numerous ways.  Everything being worn in these photos fits that bill, and I don’t think I’ve taken off these booties or jeans since I’ve gotten them.

In fact, my mom called me recently just to tell me that I needed to wear some different pants because it “looks like you’re wearing the same jeans every single day.  It’s weird, Kathleen.”  Honestly… I might be, because I feel the cut is so flattering they make me feel like Miranda in Sex and the City (in the Burger/post-it episode) when she can fit into her “skinny jeans” again and feels like a million bucks.  And as my mom would say (even though we’ve asked her multiple times to never say again), “quit being a hater.”


denim, similar here and here | tee c/o Black Swan | jacket, also similar here and here | boots c/o | clutch c/o Galian | long necklaces c/o | amethyst slice c/o | pendant | watch c/o | assorted David Yurman | gold bracelets c/o INPink | sunnies c/o | earrings c/o


Thanks so much for reading, and tell me, what piece in your closet makes you feel like a million bucks? Don’t forget to enter the Valentine’s Day giveaway! XO –

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13 thoughts on “Styling Basics

  1. I love your “basics” outfit! I, too, have a pair of booties that I’ve been wearing almost every day! However, I’m older than you, so mine don’t have a high stacked heel. 🙂 I really want to get a pair of jeans like your black ones. Do you think a older woman can pull them off? I would put them together with a blouse and vest or jacket? Thanks Kathleen* (I’m from Atlanta and now live in Charlotte so I don’t need a heavy coat this season)

    1. Hey Lisa! I think the fit of these jeans depends more on your body type than your age. The high-waisted fit definitely shows off your tummy area more, so if you’re confident in your waist and stomach, I say go for it! Hope this helps! XO –

  2. My faux furs make me feel heavenly!! And they better since I own about a billion of them.

    Some new site feedback: wish there was a “comment” link at the bottom of the post bc as it is now, you read through the post, and then if you want to comment you have to scrollllllll all the way back up if you want to comment. Just something to think about. I mean, who has 2 seconds to scroll ALL the way back up there, lol :D!!??

      1. So I totally agree with you guys. I felt the same way. Once you get to page two of my blog posts, the comment option is at the bottom of the post. BUT, in order to have the most recent post fully displayed and the remainder of posts collapsable, the comment link has to be at the top of the post for coding reasons. I think it’s much past my area of understanding, but I feel the same way as you guys! Maybe in the future it is something we will be able to update! Thank you so much for your feedback –

  3. These are all fantastic basics! I love those booties. As soon as you said just like Miranda, I knew exactly which episode you were talking about.


  4. Great post! I too have been living in a certain pair of jeans lately. I just love the Articles of Society coated skinny jean. I have them in black and navy but have been wearing the black almost every day. It’s so important to have great basics.

  5. Just discovered this fabulous blog and love these Helena booties . They only come in black on the UK website though and I love the cream ones you are wearing , 🙁 so sad

  6. Gorgeous clutch! I actually thought it was Stella Mccartney until I looked it up!
    Might have to buy this ‘steal’

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