– after oogling over hand-painted Hermés trays for so long, we added one to our den –


– this fringe beauty that I can’t wait to take on the town –


– hot pink roses –


– two pair of shoes that are each under $30 and seriously adorable (mules / sandals) –


– palm leaf crosses from my mom, something my Catholic grandfather use to always do for us –

I haven’t been this excited on a Friday in quite a while because… C and are headed to Maui tomorrow for a full week of a “second honeymoon” vacation!  As Southerners, neither of us has ever been to Hawaii because it’s almost 10 hours of flying, so now that we can cut that time in half we’re excited to travel somewhere brand new together.  CBL will continue on as usual, and I will be sharing snippets on instagram, facebook and twitter so let’s do this together you guys. And if someone doesn’t hand me a floral lei when I get to the hotel like everyone gets in the movies I’m going to throw a riot. I’m just 100% envisioning Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Just Go With It because I’m an American and that’s just what we do.

Confession: I’ve been a little sad lately about leaving Lula LaShonda for a whole week.  She has been doing SO well even though she was given only a few months to live in July 2014… and she’s still with us! I have only left her for a few days at a time other than our trip to Mississippi back in October. While I’m convinced I’m loving her back to health, C is convinced she doesn’t actually have cancer and is instead living like she’s dying while I let her sleep in the bed, sleep in between us, eat canned food every night at exactly 7pm, eat the dog’s food, drink the dog’s water, sleep on my clean clothes, headbutt me at 4AM… but I mean, “she has cancer, let her do whatever she wants!”  I plan to do a full blogpost about this situation soon, but I wanted to give a quick update to all of you who have asked about Queen Lu (and thank you so much!). Thankfully while we are gone my sweet coworker who is a cat lover is going to keep my girl, and I know she is in great hands. My brother’s family will be keeping Bailey the indoor pony – and she’ll have fun with her cousin, miniature dachshund Pollack!

Do any of y’all have Maui recommendations?  I’d love to hear – counting down the minutes over here. Hope everyone had a wonderful week following the beautiful Easter holiday – thank you so much for reading. XO –

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  1. Oh my gosh! So exciting for you and C! I seriously can’t wait for this! I’ll be following along (slash living vicariously through) your Instagram! I hope you both have an amazing time and I’m sure both your fur babies will be well looked after while you are away. So lovely to hear how well Lula is doing! Xx

  2. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can bike down Haleakala. My husband & I did this on our honeymoon. You wake up super early, put on a crazy spacesuit looking outfit & a bus takes you to the top. You watch the sunrise (which is amazing). It is surprisingly cold up there, so dress in layers. Then you ride a bike down the mountain with stops along the way. It is kind of freaky how fast you go on a non-motorized bike, but it is really exhilarating. Have fun!

    1. Love this. I’m always all about a bike ride! We rode little bikes everywhere on our honeymoon at Rosewood Mayakoba! Thank you for sharing XO –

  3. The Road to Hana was the highlight of our Maui honeymoon. The one thing we didn’t do but that we really wish we had was sunrise at Haleakala. Maui is magical, enjoy!!!

  4. Lula! You are definitely loving her right! Have SO much fun on your trip! Maui is the best! The Grand Wailea has an awesome day spa that I HIGHLY recommend! I also love the mall, it’s outdoor and fun after a long day at the beach. The Tommy Bahama restaurant in it is yummy and has a delicious dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives that tasted better than any I have had (I swear it is the water there!)

  5. Enjoy Maui! You are going to love it. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon, and it is still our favorite vacation spot. You have to eat at Lahaina Grill (best meal I’ve ever had) and Mama’s Fishhouse, and stop at Leoda’s Kitchen for the best pies. If you can, you should totally take a helicopter tour. Enjoy your vacation!

    1. We’ve heard about Leoda’s!! Sounds like it’s also a good brunch? Thank you for these great recommendations!

  6. My husband and I were in Maui in November and loved it! So from one southern girl who loves food to another, here goes: Mamas Fish House is a MUST for amazing food and ambience, Monkeypod Kitchen, humuhumunukunukuapua’a At Grand Wailea for delicious food in a setting that makes you feel like you are at a Disney resort, Kihei cafe for delish macadamia nut cinnamon rolls, Lava Java for legit coffee, Ferraros at Four Seasons for italian under the stars or watch the sunset, and Pita Paradise for the most delicious homemade pitas with fresh caught fish. If you are adventurous do the drive to Hana and stop to see all the waterfalls (especially the seven pools) and eat all the fruit and banana bread and shaved ice from the roadside stands (especially the Maui Gold pineapple)! Have so much fun!

    1. We’ve totally made reservations for a sunset dinner at Mama’s Fish House per everyone’s recommendations. Monkeypod is for tonight! And I can’t wait to drink some of this coffee. THANK YOU so much for these incredible tips – my husband and I have read over your comment twice!! You rock. XO

  7. Have a truly WONDERFUL time on your vacay – we loved Maui! Just chillax and enjoy.

    Thanks so much for the Lula LaShonda update bc I’m always wondering how she is doing…sounds like a little miracle kidden to me!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words about my Lu. I love that cat so much it hurts! My coworker is currently keeping her while we’re away and she’s being spoiled rotten… I’m afraid she won’t want to come home! XO

  8. Love those mules! Okay, now Maui — omg. I went in January and just adored it. I would highly recommend going to the Old Lahaina Luau as soon as you get there (you have to make a reservation!) – it was such a nice introduction to Hawaii! We also LOVED breakfast at Koa Grill, and fab Italian food at Sala Pepe, both in Kaanapali region. (Here’s a recap I’d shared on my blog of my trip, in case you’re interested: 🙂

  9. You’re going to love Maui! Definitely do the Road to Hana – and stop at coconut Glen’s for the BEST ice cream. We ate at Humuhumunukunukuapua’a at the Grand Wailea and it was amazing. Great food (the freshest lobster) and atmosphere. Mama’s fish house is also SO yummy. Have fun!! XO -Anna

    1. Road to Hana is definitely on our list! We are staying at Wailea so we’ll have to check out the crazy named restaurant (seriously the name is so hilarious to me) and we’ve made a sunset reservation at Mama’s Fish House per everyone’s recommendations!! Thank you so much for sharing these amaze tips! XO

          1. You say it like this (I’ll try to be as phonetic as possible):

            “humu — humu — new-koo — new-koo — ah-poo — ah-ah”

          2. Ok A) I love you for doing this for me. And B) I saw the guy in Forgetting Sarah Marshall pronounce it last night and I busted out laughing!! AMAZING

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