It’s safe to say this white ruffled romper is a summer obsession of mine.  I love how polished it is with a little feminine ruffle and party in the back.  I also think it would look so cute with a chambray shirt knotted in the front.

Christian was working on the 4th, so we celebrated on the 3rd with a day at the pool, a picnic with Bailey and cooking together at the house while arguing between old Sex & the City episodes vs. The Discovery Channel.  So basically it was our usual summer day!  Sidenote: I think this is why I’ve always been an Aidan fan.  If I relate to Carrie, C is most definitely Aidan.  Like this scene?  Tis my life – down to the dog. And this scene? Been there, done that.

“No, I’M taking a walk. You can stay here with your boxes of shit and your shoe-eating dog, and you can knock yourself out putting on the rogaine and the speedstick!”

I have so many favorite scenes I could talk about it for hours. Do you have a favorite SATC scene? I need to hear it!

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romper c/o, runs true to size | tote c/o | sunnies | heels – Prabal Gurung for Target, no longer available, similar here and here | earrings – etsy, similar here and here | geode cuff c/o Macy Carlisle Designs – 15% off with code carriebradshawlied | gold cuff c/o | turquoise bangle c/o | gold bangle c/o | cable hook bangle | x ring c/o

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! XO –

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23 thoughts on “Red, White & Blue Outfit

    1. I got the set for Christmas in college and I love popping them in when I’m cleaning or cooking and halfway paying attention – even though I’ve seen every episode at least 3x. It still makes me laugh!

  1. No favorite scene, just all episodes. I can take any life moment and relate it to SATC. Aaron gets so frustrated when I watch reruns. “You own this series and have seen each episode 10 times, why are we watching this?!”

    Love the romper gf! You look like a hottie!

  2. I love the red heels! I think I’ve seen every SATC episode at least five times. Aiden is definitely the better guy in general, but I just love Carrie and Big together.

  3. I had totally forgotten about both of those scenes, and they were just as funny now as all the other times I’ve seen them! Love Carrie & Aiden.

    1. Right?! There are so many amazing SATC scenes it’s hard to pick just one favorite. Like when she falls on the runway? The best.

  4. OMG I love this romper so much and it looks amazing on you. I definitely like the back super pretty and feminine.
    This is so funny because me and my family were talking about how we are emotional me being a top contender and I said I am so emotional that even to this day I still cry when I see Harry get down on one knee and propose to Charlotte at the single’s mixer (this is one of my favorites out of to many to count) but totally funny you mention sex and the city scenes LOL.
    Nicole – @astyledloveaffair

  5. I also got the DVD box set in college and have watched the entire series probably…10 times? It’s like comfort food to me. I can’t pick a favorite scene, it would be like picking your favorite child! Impossible!
    The breakup Post-It episode is perfection.
    Also I love love love the scene when Carrie farts in bed with Big.
    And funky spunk will always have a place in my heart.
    Too many to name!

    1. HAHAHA this comment made me laugh so hard!! I totally agree the entire Post-It episode can’t be beat. I also love the one where she falls on the runway and Heidi Klum steps over her. Classic.

  6. literally the best episode in season 4, arguably the entire season with regards to carrie and Aidan. So, so funny

    1. Oh I feel you. Or when Charlotte looks at Miranda and says, “we’re having a baby!?” Tears, every time!

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