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You guys probably don’t know this about Christian, but he takes perfectionism to a whole new level. My favorite example is that it took him an entire year to buy… a vest.  He knew in his mind the exact kind of vest that he wanted, but no one was making it yet.  So he patiently waited until he found the perfect vest 12 months later.

He wants to curate his possessions into just a few things that he really, really loves, and while I do respect that, it can sometimes be frustrating when we are trying to make a joint purchase.  There is an entirely different post for a sofa reveal when we get that bad boy in!

SO, when Christian shared that he wanted a desk, I knew it would be no easy feat.  He is so particular, and I already pictured the two of us sitting at numerous desks in home stores and in and out of homes via Craigslist.

Enter World Market’s new customize-your-own desk feature!  Christian was able to shop between 15 different options to design a desk that suited his preferences, and bonus points for me because it looks so great.  I love that it has both drawers and shelves, and the desk is plenty big to hold both our HP and Christian’s laptop.

juliska berry and thread cup and saucer mens sperry gold cup loafers HP Sprout computer juliska berry and thread world market customize your own desk world market desk yellow lab

You can snag this desk at World Market, or shop between tons of different options to find the perfect beauty that fits your needs.  You can see my desk here and here.

Below are my favorite picks!  Stay tuned for a full room reveal coming soon.


Thanks so much for reading! XO –

This post in in partnership with World Market, a brand I love! I have so many pieces in my home from World Market.  As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the affiliate posts who make this blog possible.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Just yesterday my husband was telling me he wants a new desk when we move into our new place this week. This one is exactly his style, so I just sent him the link. I can totally relate to Christian’s perfectionism…Andy is the same way! I guess it’s a good thing: it keeps me from making rash purchasing decisions and forces me to wait for the perfect item to come along!

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