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It’s Christmas card time!  A few weeks ago, Christian and I got together with the beautiful and talented Taylor Cole Photo at sunset.  With someone like Taylor, it only takes about 15 minutes to get over 100 frame-worthy photos. She gives great direction (which is essential for someone like me who can look like a robot if no one alerts me), and having worked with her one-on-one, this experience made me realize what an incredible wedding and engagement photographer she is (check out some of her couples work here). She created this incredibly comfortable, intimate scene and created the kind of pictures that make you want to wallpaper your house – you know what I’m talking about!

So once I selected the photo I wanted to use (no easy feat), I teamed up with Postable to create our third holiday card, and I’m so excited to send them out to our family and friends.  Beyond the unlimited amount of designs, I was most impressed with their ability to mail the cards for you.  This year I won’t be getting hand cramps from addressing cards, and I’m fine with it.  I just loaded an excel spreadsheet with addresses and voila! They handle it from there (update on this process at the bottom of the post).

First I want to share some of my favorite photos from our mini shoot –

carrie bradshaw lied engagement ring paper-crown-pink-dress newport beach at sunsetsunset couples shootchristian and kathleen barnes sunset kiss on the beach carrie bradshaw lied christmas cardplayful couples beach shootnewport beach photographykathleen barnes husbandtcole-16

After days of trying to choose which photo… we ended up choosing this one!  I was able to upload the addresses for all of the people who were on our Christmas list last year, and I ordered 20 cards for myself so I could have a few to keep as well as have some extras for last minute sending.

carrie bradshaw lied husbandkathleen barnes home monogrammed coffee mug nespresso coffee christmas cards of carrie bradshaw lied

Am I the only one who loves holding onto a few cards from every year? Even though we clearly look exactly the same as we did a few years ago, it’s so fun to watch the journey year by year.  I love that these photos were taken in Malibu, Big Bear and Newport Beach, and I look forward to seeing where next year’s might be from!

Thanks so much for reading, and if I could send a card to each and every one of you I would in a minute! Lots of love to all of you – XO –

*1/3 Update: I do want to share that I had Postable mail our Christmas cards, and unfortunately not all of the recipients received our cards.  I cannot say that I am completely certain that this was a Postable issue or USPS issue, but in the future I would gladly have Postable print our cards but would choose to mail them myself.  I always want to be completely honest with you guys and wanted to share this experience as I felt it was important!

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18 thoughts on “Designing Holiday Cards

  1. Gorgeous photos!! Love the idea of sending holiday cards-my mom used to do it every year-but somehow it always slips away from me. . . but this has inspired me to get my act together and get them done (even if they end up being late haha)!

    Marnie, Currently

  2. Beautiful! A picture really is a with a thousand words. Your love for each other shines right though.

  3. Hi Kathleen!
    Love your photos! Gorgeous!!! Quick question – would you mind sharing where you got that cute grey fuzzy sweater in your filling out the Christmas card photos? Looks so cozy!!
    Thanks & keep up your awesome blog!

    1. Hey lady! Thanks for the sweetness. So that sweater is a few years old and I this is the most similar I could find. It’s a blush pink but has the same feel and look! Hope that helps –

  4. What about the ruffled shawl? I’ve been looking for something like. Do tell where it’s from.

    And as always, gorgeous photo!!! Wish it were warm enough here to take Christmas photos outdoors…without a coat!!!

  5. Kathleen, loving your blog. Keep up the great work! This post is a few years old, but I thought I would share nonetheless: The women in my family collect all their holiday cards and pass them around every Christmas Eve. It’s a fun way to stay up to date on those you may have briefly met or hear your family member talk so much about!

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