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I know we all come up with New Year resolutions (exercise more, de-clutter the house, dine out less and eat in more are always at the top of my  list!), but this year, I’ve teamed up with Pro Beauty to share my beauty goals and I’ve already tried implementing them this month.

I used to wash my hair every day. For the past year, I’ve tried to find a dry shampoo that I really love (I’ve been using this one, but I’m still trying to find a good one for brunettes if you have any recommendations) because I want to wash my hair less and find new ways to wear it up.  Otherwise I touch it or play with it during the day, making it oily.  I have so many baby hairs that my top knots don’t always look as polished as I’d like, so I want to find cute ways to pull it back without leaving braid indentions or creases.

Enter the perky ponytail!  I have really fine hair, so I sometimes use this little trick when I want a visually pleasing ponytail. My long hair (that has no body whatsoever – I have hair like a child I’m serious) tends to weigh it down, but I will separate the bottom half, securing it with a hair band.  Then I’ll tease and fluff the top portion of my hair, loosely pulling it back over the existing ponytail and securing with a no-crease hair tie.

Leave a few pieces out, create loose waves with the Pro Beauty Tools 1 1/4″ Curling Iron, and you’ve got a sleek and sophisticated pony that will last all day.  Trying new ‘do’s like this help me wash my hair every 2-3 days, and it’s a pattern I aim to continue throughout the year.

The 24K gold platted barrel of this iron provides advance heat technology that’s ideal for all hair types. AND for you ladies looking to use less heat on your hair in the New Year, the direct heat of the gold barrel penetrates hair faster so you don’t have to hold the iron in your hair as long, reducing the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat! My fine hair will be thanking me for sure.

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1 1/4″ gold curling iron and hair dryer c/o | top – sold out, love this one and this one | similar denim (30% off!) | cup and saucer | earrings c/o | cable bracelet 1, 2, 3, 4 | necklace c/o | watch c/o

Do you have any hair resolutions for 2016? And is this dark hair as jet black to you guys as it feels to me? Yowza! I recently had a stylist bring the color back to my roots and it’s been so many years since my hair has been this dark I don’t even know what to think!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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21 thoughts on “New Year Hair Resolutions

  1. I have dark hair similar to yours and I’m obsessed with Dove Refresh & Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo – been using since college and its a godsend some days!

  2. I’ve been doing the same thing! My hair is long, pin straight and rather fine (thought I do have a lot of hair). I LOVE the feeling of clean hair, but I’ve been discovering that I can go an extra day or too if I use Batiste. I’ve noticed my hair feels a lot healthier.

    And I don’t think your hair looks too dark at all!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

  3. Try Moroccanoil’s Dry Shampoo! They have it in dark tones for brunettes and light tones for blondes. Seriously worth every penny. Best dry shampoo EVER!

  4. I had to train my hair to last 2-3 days without washing and dry shampoo was a key part of that process. I’m a brunette and Dove makes a great dry shampoo and smells wonderful! I’m also a huge fan of Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo and Not Your Mother’s “Clean Freak” dry shampoo – both available at drug stores!

  5. I love the Living Proof Perfect hair days dry shampoo, it literally gets rid of the oils in my hair and freshens it up.

    1. ALSO I never pay full price for it- Ulta puts it on a buy one, get one 50% off sale roughly every 4-6 weeks so I just stock up a couple of times a year!

    2. You know, I’ve used Batiste but I had NO idea they had one just for brunettes! I’ve got to try this – thanks so much!!

  6. I was going to say what Jessica said, try the Batiste specifically for brunettes. I’ve tried quite a few dry shampoos and their blonde one is my favorite. And you can also sometimes find it at TJ Maxx/Marshalls, I just picked some up there for like $5 the other day. Note though: it only takes a little bit! With other brands, I would pull my hair up in sections and then hold that nozzle down and spray all down the line, however with this stuff, the color is pretty concentrated so my hair looked straight up YELLOW. Nawt cute. So just spritz it on sections and you’ll be good to go!

    Oh, one last tip: If you don’t already, the night before you know you’re not going to wash your hair, spray it on before you go to bed. My hair is just like yours (very fine and oil prone) and most of my oil production happens while I sleep. By spraying before bed, it soaks up a bunch of that oil as you sleep and then in the morning I just need a tiny bit more and I am good for another day or two!

    xo Mary-Katherine | http://www.goldhattedlover.com

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve added some balayage since these photos, but I had no idea my natural hair color was this dark!

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