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CAN IT BE TRUE? Can the 30 days that felt like 100 finally be complete?

Truthfully, I didn’t find this eating plan that difficult at home, eating out is a totally different story.

Am I glad we did this? Yes. Do I think that I feel so much better without eating ____? Not really. Have I learned more about my body and food from this experience? Absolutely.  I hope to continue cooking this way (Christian, with the cravings of a pre-teen, has to have chocolate or he’s going to FLIP – he literally talks about dessert every day), but we like to eat out on weekends and in those scenarios I’d like to #livemylife and have a french fry. I mean… YOLO.

We are heading to Hawaii for a week where we’re going to try to keep up with the reintroduction phase – I told you guys that I don’t have 45 days straight of my life that don’t have travel or events, so we just have to do our best and make it work! This being said, my next Whole30 update will not be next Saturday, but the following.


I’m still able to concentrate better than normal, which is really awesome.

I’m so much more aware of labels.  I read labels on the back of everything! I hope I will continue to do this.

I lost six lbs., but honestly I feel like I lost so much more than that because I’ve lost so much bloat. Between you and me, I thought I might lose more than that considering I was eliminating almost every kind of food that brings me joy, but c’est la vie!

Christian lost 9 – 10 lbs. And he’s already 6’3″ and skinny… so that’s pretty rude of him.


My stomach growls have never been so loud.  I feel like all I’m doing is meal/snack prep, yet I’m hungry every 2-3 hours so if I am running errands the cashier can hear my rumbling stomach.  It’s a little embarrassing!

Because of having to prepared for every possible food scenario – this eating plan really rules out any kind of spontaneity.  I’m a pretty organized “planner,” but even for me this was hard.

I recognize a lot of people can’t eat like this because it’s definitely more expensive.  I spend $30-$40 more per week at the grocery.


Tried a cauliflower crust and it was pretty good! I mean, I definitely still prefer real pizza crust and cheese, but it hit the spot.  I topped it with tomato sauce, arugula, tomatoes, red onion, bell pepper, garlic and salami.

Thanks to y’alls suggestions I tried adding both canned coconut milk and ghee to my coffee.  I don’t have an immersion blender, but I poured fresh, hot coffee and the ingredients into my Vitamix, and it definitely tasted creamier and rich! I’ve held off trying ghee in my coffee because I think long-term I would still prefer dairy in my coffee over butter, but while on Whole30 it’s definitely a good option if you’re struggling with black coffee. Thank you for the tip!

That’s all for now! Thank you guys so much for your feedback, encouragement and suggestions. Seriously – I have really appreciated all of your insight and guidance and hope you’ve found these honest reviews helpful! Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend – XO –

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    1. Oh girl – I didn’t make it 30 days without cheating (with wine), but still – I did my best!

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