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I’ve had so much fun teaming up with Seven Daughters Wine for some vino-inspired posts (you can see more here and here), and today is a pretty interesting one… different ways I like to store wine!  If I am passionate about anything in my life, it tis red wine, so I have a few different storage spots in this house.  SO – let’s get started –

1. Y’all have seen me style this bar cart three different ways here, but of course it’s one of my favorite ways to serve wine, especially when we have guests.

wine storage

2. We have this shelving unit that we purchased for our first apartment for patio storage (it was tiny – we were desperate!).  I have a small acrylic wine rack that I display some of my favorites on.  I love this little wine rack and it’s under $20!

acrylic wine container

3. It’s best to store wine in a dark, temperature-controlled places with the bottles on their side, so a narrow cabinet is a perfect spot.  You can find these wine glasses here.

wine cabinets

4. My brother-in-law gave us these little wooden wine holders one year for Christmas and they’re such a unique way to showcase a few of those special bottles.  Of course, I always think they’re going to fall… but I promise they never do!

different ways to store wine

5. In addition to storing wine, I also like to keep the corks of special bottles. I often will write the occasion in pen on the cork. I have the corks from holidays, our engagement, wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, special celebrations and landmarks – it’s so fun to look through them!  This little cork holder was given to us by a friend, but I found a similar one here.

how to display wine corks

6. If you have a display cabinet or china cabinet – you can display a few of your chosen bottles!

world market cabinet storing wine

7. And maybe my favorite way to store wine of all… in my hand! Even better when on the sofa with the softest faux fur throw.

kathleen barnes

And there you have it!  I may not have a wine cellar (#homegoals), but I do have plenty of different ways I like to store wine, and I’d love to hear yours if you have any to add!  I’ve always wanted to be that barefoot hostess, glass of wine in-hand welcoming guests into our peaceful and cozy home, and I wish I could host all of you! Thank you so much for reading! XO –

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19 thoughts on “Storing Wine with Seven Daughters

  1. Gorgeous! I love the distressed look created with the black paint and someone very talented. Of course, the wine looks super inviting. I think I’ll have a sip or two or three for my morning “night” cap! (working night shift does have it’s advantages)

  2. Absolutely great post Kathleen!!! Can’t wait to start back blogging!!! You’re always so inspiring!!!

  3. Such lovely sotrage ideas! I’d be careful with some of these options, particularly with wine bottles sealed with cork, as if the cork is in contact with liquid it could risk turning the wine mouldy (AKA “corked” wine). Loving your blog! Elle

  4. These are some really good wine storage ideas— I really appreciate it! My husband and I have been trying to figure out a way to organize our bottles and make a nice display at the same time. I really like the little acrylic and wooden holders, especially since they look so unique. Do you know where your brother-in-law got it?

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