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beige slipcovered sofa

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bristol tufted headboard

– my slight obsession with this new slip nightie

the deck laguna beach

– a fun local article including some of my girlfriends and yours truly –

This has been such a fun week, and honestly… I’m a little sad to see the weekend already. Is that so weird to say? Yes, totally.  BUT, on Monday I crossed off a major bucket list moment.  When we first moved to California three years ago, Christian and I made a list of all the things we hoped to do.  One of mine was to see Chelsea Handler at the Chelsea Lately show on E!. Shortly after we moved here, she stopped hosting her show, so I assumed I would never see her in that capacity. BUT, once I saw her Netflix show had begun, I scored tickets to participate in her audience and was on the moon!

My parents were in LA on Monday, so I tried to convince both my sis-in-law and my mom to come with me, but they had other plans so no problem – I was fine going solo.  I drove to LA and en route, a reader of mine contacted me who actually works for Netflix!  Long story short, her name is Caitlin and she is the BEST.  We met up after the show (Gwen Stefani was the guest – you can watch the episode on Netflix!), and she ended up introducing me to Chelsea.  I mustered all of my strength to not act like a total crazy crazy, and told her what a privilege it was to meet her and how I’ve been such a huge fan of hers for years. She was beyond lovely, kind, polite and professional – and my love and respect for her is now through the roof! You can see the photo we snapped here!

SO major thanks to Caitlin for taking my bucket list moment and making it 2979847x better.  After the show I went to my brother and sis-in-law’s house to hang out with their family (soon to be 5 in July) + my parents, and we had dinner at the coolest spot in Silverlake, Cliff’s Edge. Would definitely recommend if you’re in that area! Now my parents are hanging with me, and it’s always so fun to have them in town!

I hope y’all have a beautiful weekend – and if you have a celebrity encounter/moment that left you start-struck, please share! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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13 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. You are going to laugh so hard when you hear who my celebrity encounter is…..
    Vinny from the Jersey Shore. He shook my hand and said nice to meet you (inside a club with sunglasses on). It definitely doesn’t top your Chelsea moment which I am still jealous about.

    Oh and I’ve had Channing Tatum re-tweet me and Mark Long from the MTV Challenges write me back on twitter. No big deal, but still pretty amazing. 😉
    Happy Friday, Kittykat!

    1. Ok I feel like I MAY have heard this story… ? AND I LOVE IT. Or maybe I just feel that way bc I know you love Vinny! Also, the fact that you included, “inside the club with sunglasses on” is maybe the best part. Channing Tatum is LEGIT. Love you Cass!

  2. OK so Chelsea Handler is the celebrity I’ve “almost” crossed paths with 3 times and still haven’t had a chance to see! The first time, we were able to get tickets to her E! show, drove all the way down to LA, skipped classes for a day, and while we were in line – they told us we were getting cut because the VIP ticket line was full that day. DRAT. The second time, we were this time able to get VIP tickets, made plans to drive down to LA, AND THEN HER SHOW WAS CANCELED. Finally, one day out of the blue a friend told us “hey did you hear that Chelsea Handler was on University Ave? By the Palo Alto Apple Store?” Apparently she was filming for her NEW show there, everyone knew except me and my friend, and there goes another missed opportunity. SOME DAY I will meet her! I was seated next to Emma Roberts at lunch once though, so that’ll be my consolation prize for now!

  3. I just watched that Chelsea episode with Gwen! So good! Also, my first “celebrity encounter” was at a Diamond Backs baseball game… I see Chris Franjola and Sarah Colonna coming up the stairs! I stop them and shake their hands… then realize I didn’t take a pic! SO, the next time they come up the bleachers I stop them (again haha) and took pics! Fun times:)

  4. Saw Lyle Lovett at a restaurant and Charles Barkley. Is the link to the OC Register article working? Not sure the article displaying is the correct one

  5. Maybe it’s me, but the OC link is linking me to a Beach Butler and Safari article..

    1. Haha – it might look that way, but when you start reading it and going through the photos it’s about beach bungalows in Laguna!

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