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I might be from Mississippi… but I can’t resist a California Republic tee, and when it’s a crop top? Game over.

When I worked in marketing for a bank in Mississippi (best job ever, and I’m not kidding – I freaking loved that place), my coworker was always snagging cute things for her daughters on Zazzle.  Well now that I realize how much I was missing out because there are custom tees and all kinds of amazing pieces that vary in multiple types of cuts – tank top, crop top, tee, sweatshirt… your tee is your oyster.

Not only that – there are phone cases, posters, mugs, doormats, cards, pillows… basically everything. How have I missed this for so long? I can think of 198743478 bachelorette parties that I could have been #1 bridesmaid in if I had known about this place, so it’s not fair if I don’t spread the word! Let’s be real.

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tee c/o Zazzle, AND there’s currently 25% off sitewide for the holiday weekend! | similar denim here and here | similar moto jacket here and here | heels, also available here in 4 colors | bag | sunglasses | necklace | gold bangles | gold chainlink bracelet | gold index finger ring

So I need to know, if you were to get your own custom tee – what would be? Luckily for you all purchases are 25% off right now, so I say #liveyourdream.

Thanks so much for reading! XO –

Brought to you by Zazzle

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18 thoughts on “California Republic Tee

  1. OK. This is my favorite outfit you have ever posted! I think ripped jeans with heels and a tee shirt is super sexy and you classed it up with the jacket and bag…. Also the bag and jacket colors are gorg!
    Beautiful and fun!

      1. Absolutely!
        BTW… If you haven’t seen this… My son is in this choir and their performance has gone viral!
        YouTube: DCMS Choir and the first video has the whole performance 🙂 It was just for fun for them, but Silento the artist put it on his twitter and it went wild!! My son is the first boy on the bottom right.
        Also, the news reporter who did a story on them put it on her facebook and OMG 9.9 Million views and counting! Her Facebook is Liz Kotalik Fox 10 news… scroll down and you will see the choir in normal clothes… Mine is the boy in the middle in the maroon… SORRY for the shameless plug, but I feel like I have to be a “momager” right now!! haha… it’s exhausting and I think much more of Kris Jenner at this point 😉
        And you know I love your blog, so I thought I could mention 🙂
        Have a great weekend!

  2. You are such a babe! Anything you wear looks great! I love Zazzle. I use them for all of my Christmas cards, announcements, etc. They have a lot of zazzle deals on groupon too. Great site!
    Xo, Tara

    1. Aw thank you for the sweetness!! Christmas cards – genius! Thanks so much for sharing, Tara!

    1. I think you need it! I don’t mind at all – I share all my camera details in the FAQ page of my site. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. You’re just a stone cold fox in this outfit! Done and done. You look so great when you go more feminine, but I really think I love your more edgy looks best of all. Love this!

  4. I’m a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogger who graduated from Ole Miss as well. I love the entire concept of this blog! The awesome outfits don’t hurt either!

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