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I have always loved reading for pleasure, but in college some of that faded because I had to read so many schoolbooks (like finance, marketing and business management… much less fun), so my love for the library faded. It was on my bucket list for 2016 to pick up a library card because my bookshelf at home is full, and now I can ride my bike to pick up a new read – it is much fun!  Let’s say it’s the Carrie Bradshaw in me… but I love a good visit to the public library.

A few months ago I asked you guys for help on Snapchat (CBLied) about good books, and I was amazed with all of the incredible suggestions all of you had.  I kept a note on my phone with all of the ones that I wanted to read, and some of them I’ve worked through while others are next up on my list.  Since this brief discussion, I’ve received direct messages, emails and comments about book recommendations, so I wanted to share a roundup of my top summer reads for this year, some that I’ve already picked up since I snagged my library card!

If you have any great books that you would suggest on top of this, spill it – we’d all love to hear! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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18 thoughts on “Summer Beach Reads

  1. I, too, am a library nerd. 😉 Sadly, I can’t ride my bike there. I really liked Big, Little Lies. Husband’s Secret is always out. Check out Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter and The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I loved them both! I’m on the wait list for Me After You. I also stalk the website and app for Goodreads. It’s really given me some great titles to read.

  2. Love your selections! I recommend downloading the GoodReads app. You could read book reviews, see what your friends are reading and create your own must read list.

  3. I LOVED the husband’s secret! I couldn’t put it down! The same author wrote What AlicE Forgot, that’s a page turner too!

  4. I picked up the Good Girl when you talked about it a few months ago. Very good and that twist at the end was jaw dropping! I’m thinking I need this GoodReads app too!

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