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From time to time I get questions about my fitness routine (briefly answered in my FAQ here), and I try to share some of my workouts on Snapchat (CBLied) and Insta-Story (@carriebradshawlied).  My favorite kind of exercise would definitely be Reformer Pilates. I tried it for the first time five or six years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I love that it lengthens and stretches my body, challenges those muscles that aren’t used as frequently and helps me feel leaner and stronger. The downside… it can be expensive. It took me a long time to find a studio in California that I loved.  If you live in Mississippi, The Pilates Studio of Ridgeland is the best. My favorite studio ever!

SO, now that I have found Pilates + Cycle, I try to go 1-2x a week, and 2-3x a week I add in some videos and do workouts from home or walk Bailey.  POPSUGAR Fitness has some great videos along with Love Sweat Fitness!

When I go to Pilates classes, I always book a morning class so I will get out of bed and get moving. I run my errands afterwards, so I want to be prepared for Pilates but also look put together for the morning.  I just recently discovered Outdoor Voices, and I love that they combine fashion and fitness in their workout pieces.

A great pair of high rise leggings is my favorite kind of workout pant because I can pair them with a sports bra and jacket – so easy (and bonus points for holding everything in nice and tight!).  I think they’re the most flattering legging, and I love that when I’m doing crunches or planks I don’t have to be paranoid that my tummy is on display – everything is kept right in place!

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photos by Vincent Elejorde


leggings, also love these | sports bra, also have and love this one | similar here | sunglasses | lips in Baci

Are you a Pilates lover or have you discovered another workout that you love? I’m always open to trying new things, so I’d love to hear what gets you motivated. And sometimes – cute workout gear is just the push I need, I shared some more of my favorites in the thumbnails above!

Thanks so much for reading – XO –

Brought to you by Outdoor Voices

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23 thoughts on “My Exercise Routine with Outdoor Voices

      1. Thank you for your response. Love you and your style!!!! I look forward to seeing your posts everyday!

  1. I do really like pilates, but I tend to do more Yoga. I just workout at home with You Tube videos! And I love Vinyasa Yoga, so that I move and sweat and strengthen. I think that cute workout clothes are extremely necessary lol… even working out at home!

      1. You should! It’s so fun and you don’t have to hold poses forever. I like to sweat! I absolutely love 5 Parks Yoga on YouTube. She has a ton of videos and her direction is the absolute best…. very easy to follow without looking.

  2. Girl! You look phenomenal!

    I’m loving really high waist work out leggings and a longer sports bra or crop top to work out in as well!

    You are just so beautiful!

  3. Just started reformer pilates and I am in love! Took me so long to try it because it seemed so intimidating, but it is amazing. Definitely such a different type of workout but I am enjoying it more than the typical weightlifting/HIIT classes I used to do!

  4. I love doing Barre Classes! I found a studio in Brea, CA that always has good deals and groupons! 🙂

  5. Great post, Kathleen. You look amazing! Love the high waisted leggings + sports bra, I need to get myself some.

    I do barre on Mondays and boxing on Wednesdays. Fridays I go swimming and Saturday and Sunday I head to the gym. Determined to get abs this year, just still need to stick to a healthy diet and no sugar which is proving itself to be difficult ahhh. Love my pizza and chocolate.

  6. I run and do Hot Yoga (obsessed!). I am currently training for my first half marathon that’s in March… Eeeekkk (!!!)… and I’m with you on the leggings – I like the high rise to keep all that jiggle in place! ha ha. Great photos!! XO –

    Anna |http://www.parkavenueblogger.com/2017/02/spring-things-under-100_23.html

    1. That’s huge – congrats! High rise all the way and seriously, I hope you’re proud of yourself. Training for a marathon is amazing!

  7. I COMPLETELY agree that the best pilates studio by far is located in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I moved to Atlanta about a year and a half ago and am still on a search for a studio that compares to the Pilates Studio of Ridgeland. After practicing there for 6 years, no one in Atlanta really compares. I finally bit the bullet and have joined a place, but I always leave feeling disappointed. Love seeing your posts!

    1. I LOVE that you’ve been to this studio – aren’t they amazing! I feel the same way, no one in CA is as good!

  8. I love pilates as well! I haven’t done it in a long time unfortunately – but when I was in the best shape of my life, pilates was part of my routine once to twice per week!

  9. Sooo, I tried out the Pilates studio in Ridgeland today and is was nothing short of AHHMAZZING! I train 2 days a week with a strength & agility trainer, so all about reps & speed. This was so different & hard in a different way! Loved it so much! You’re friend over heard me saying I’d read about the place on my favorite blog! He was super wonderful! Loved this blog post! Thanks ?????

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