persona cosmetics highlighter

– new highlighters from my friend and beauty guru Sona of Pérsona Cosmetics (and Urban Decay’s new Heat Palette that is also amazing) –

chocolate chip cookie recipe

– making a batch of what I’m convinced are the best chocolate chip cookies on earth –

peixoto one piece

– spending a week in Palm Springs –

hat | coverup | swimsuit | beach bag

palm springs dinosaur

– and visiting the Cabazon Dinosaurs –

boater hat

– and cheesin’ it up with our matching hats

Happy Friday! I’ve been hanging with the gals this week in Palm Springs celebrating Jenn and her upcoming Cabo wedding.  We’ve had this trip planned for several months, so to see it come and go felt both SO FUN and also a little sad.

You know when you look forward to something for so long and then you’re blue when it’s over?  I’m feelin’ some of that.  I love time spent with the girls! I’ll be joining them again in a few weeks for the wedding throwdown, and trust me – I’ll be there for it.  Can’t wait!

As for this weekend, the celebrating isn’t over quite yet. Christian’s birthday is this weekend, and while he has a standardized test to take first (it has fallen on his birthday… 5 years in a row), we have some QT planned and maybe a little Oscars viewing party? Time will tell!

Do you have any girls trips ahead of you? If so, I want to here where and when. And know that I’m jealous! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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19 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. Those chocolate chip cookies look amazing! I made some a few days ago and I guarantee you it did not look anything like it! Lol I love that you get to spend time with your gal pals those are always so fun. I am looking forward to a trip to LA at the end of March to see a gal pal. It’s unfortunate we live so far way but always so happy to get together so I feel you. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Good luck on his test and happy weekend!

    Maureen |

  2. Hi Kathleen! My friends and I have a trip planned for New Buffalo, Michigan in May. Lake Michigan will still be freezing but hoping we see some sun! If not, there is always wine to keep us warm. 🙂

  3. MMMMMM, Yum, those chocolate cookies look absolutely delish!!! Looks like you had a super fun week!

    Hub City Girl

  4. First, I wanted to complement you on your beautiful style! Love all of it! Second, my cute sister-in-law Corey follows your blog, insta, and all social media accounts because she loves you too!! She is the wife of a new surgeon and finds it awesome that you are too! She recently noticed the inside of your townhome and thought it resembled the layout of mine. I started to look at your blog posts and saw that we do live in very similar townhomes! So very similar in fact, that you and I are neighbors! I hope that’s not too creepy to point out. I think I saw your dog the other day and put it together! So fun! Also, through more “blog-stalking”, I see that you and your hubby are moving up north soon for his fellowship! My sister and brother-in-law are looking to move closer to me in Orange and wanted to see if you would be renting your place soon? Anyway, so sorry for the long post! I live in Townhome 30. Xo

    1. Small world, indeed! We are renters and don’t own our complex, but I believe our landlord has plans to sell the unit once we move. So you’ll see it listed soon enough!

  5. I’m packing for a trip to Montreal with my 3 best girlfriends from medical school tomorrow! Every year we get together somewhere even though we all live spread across the country! Girlfriends are so important in life – Im glad you got to spend time with yours!!

  6. That post-vacation depression is so, so real. I remember last time I was in Cabo I cried on the way to the airport because I didn’t want to go back. The only time I’m OK with going home is if I had too much champagne the night before and want my own bed. 😉

    Amanda |

  7. Love seeing you rocking cabi girl! That was my absolute favorite jacket last season and thank you for showing everyone the brand is super cool:) Funny I was going to send you an IG message asking if you’ve ever heard of the brand, so thanks to your girlfriend for making the introduction!

  8. I have to say — I made those cookies this weekend and they were FANTASTIC. Thanks for the recipe recommendation!

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