tray tables styled with books

– the prettiest birthday roses from Christian –

cat stroller

– being given the cat stroller that I know I deserve, thanks to my sister –

rugs usa runner

– the runner rug finally coming it and bringing a pop of color into the apartment –

best dish drying rack

– needing a new dish drying rack and finding the perfect one from simplehuman (it drains into the sink!) –

53mm sunglasses

– finally getting the luxe version (these are in the NSale!) of the dupes I’ve been wearing for years, thank you mom! –

Happy Friday, friends!  I got home this AM… like wee hours of the AM, from a work trip to Anguilla that blew my mind.  Living out West, I haven’t traveled much to the Caribbean because of the time/distance to get there. Growing up in the South, it was much easier to visit!

Now having moved to San Francisco, I feel like we’ve skipped summer because as you guys probably know, SF is has a very mild and windy summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about skipping the heat, but when I stepped off the plane and felt the warm, salty air on my face, it was just the kind of therapy I didn’t know I needed.  I didn’t really consider that after living near the beach for five years, something kind of feels like it’s “missing” without it. I’ve actually chatted with friends that have lived near a lake or beach and they’ve confirmed that it becomes a little addicting once you’ve lived near the water. Who knew!?  Are any of you like that?

I’ve shared some photos on Instagram from our trip, but being back at the beach was just what I needed, and it was definitely hard to say goodbye!  I plan on doing a roundup on the blog next week after getting some requests, so stay tuned for a little Anguilla photo diary.

Sidenote – I wanted to share the details of the pet stroller I’ve been strolling Queen Lu in because some of you have been asking!  We’ve taken her out three times in it so far, and I shall continue to be the crazy lady with her animal squad walking down the sidewalk.  I also received quite a few questions about the runner rug we purchased for our hallway, so I wanted to share the details here!

I’m really grateful I was able to travel during the week so I could spend this weekend with Christian. Between my girlfriend’s bachelorette party in Napa and Anguilla, I haven’t been able to explore our new city much outside of our neighborhood. We’re going to a Giants game tonight and thinking about renting some Vespas and cruising around town, so I’ll keep you guys posted!

Thanks so much reading and I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend –

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  1. Glad to see you settling into SF and becoming quite the mama to your furkids! Yes, summers are windy, but our summer is actually in Sept/Oct. It’s the best then! Vespas are a great idea to cruise around in the city! I said I would get a Vespa if I ever moved here–that dream isn’t a reality, yet. As for the beach, you are only 20 mins away from plenty, albeit the cold waters and winds! 😉 But there are plenty of warm areas within reach! I certainly miss it too and try to catch some heat if I may! Have a great weekend!

  2. Vespas! So fun. I was in SF a few weeks ago and did a Segway tour – UNREAL! It’s from a company right by Fishermans Wharf and was worth every penny. Great way to see the north side (Ghiradelli, Palace of the Fine Arts, etc)!!

  3. I have a cat stroller, too, and love taking walks with my fur baby. I feel it is also a way to get to know other cat lovers 🙂

  4. Isak Dinesen said “The cure for anything is salt water: tears, sweat, or the sea. I have always believed that to be true. I live 45 minutes from the beach and hardly ever get there. I know if I lived closer, I’d be there every single day.

  5. So glad you had such a refreshing time in Anguilla (despite the crazy long travel hours to get there and back). The way you talk about living near the water is how I feel about growing up around hills and mountains. I would get legit anxiety when I went to school in Kansas because being able to see too far stresses me out. Whereas my best friend from Kansas came to visit me in California one Summer and was the opposite – she needed the wide open spaces!

    xo Mary-Katherine

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