– exploring Sausalito for the first time –

overalls | bag | similar sandals | similar shirt | sunglasses

san francisco fog

– and driving back over the Golden Gate Bridge –

tall white flower vase

– hydrangeas that have lasted for two full weeks – wowza (shoutout to Whole Foods) –

thousand mile sneaker

– the cutest shoes that are perfect for C’s new city walkin’ life –

banana earrings

– seriously happy earrings I bought at the Museum of Ice Cream gift shop –

Happy Friday, my friends! I had a very slow, relaxing week, and quite honestly I don’t remember the last time I walked into the weekend feeling so rested. It’s not my norm… so I can definitely stop to appreciate it.

I skipped last week’s Friday recap, so this is covering a few weeks!  Two weekends ago we went over the bridge to Sausalito for the day. It was my first time visiting that area and it felt a little bit like a Northern version of Laguna, which you know I loved. Ah, memories!

Another fun highlight we’ve recently tried are the Scoot rentals around the city. We watched a class online, rented them through our phones and then “scooted” all over town. For the first few rides Christian and I used our Air Pods to be on the phone with each other the whole time so one of us didn’t get lost (that person would obviously be… me).  It was a great way to see different neighborhoods, and I’ve always wanted a Vespa!  I know we’ll be using these often on the weekends.

C’s week has been pretty busy and we are both working this weekend, but word on the street is that he’ll have a light schedule next week so I’m looking forward to that!  In the meantime, I hope y’all have a beautiful weekend. Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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7 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. I LOVED Sausalito! I would totally live there! But I also Zillow’d houses there and realized my dreams must die. SF is a cool place to visit… but I would be in too much suburban deprivation. I like my yard. Of course, the best thing about NoCal is hands down Wine Country. I suggest spending all your time there and you can see C on the weekend. I love your blog (and your instastories ) because it is so much fun but also I feel like we’d be friends. We will take you and C back in Birmingham anytime. (I’m an ENT OR nurse, I’ll put in a good word. )

  2. Hi there! So enjoy your blog and daily stories on Instagram! Have you heard of the lazy bear? My husband just told me about them the other night, it’s a pop up restaurant in San Francisco. We live in Sacramento and he was hopeful they might come out this way but haven’t yet. You’ll have to look into it, sounds pretty cool. Food looks amazing! Also speaking of Sausalito, you have to check out Capitola beach! It’s the coolest area, such a fun and relaxing vibe. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi! I’m obsessed with your straw bag but it looks like the link isn’t working to find it. Can you let me know where it’s from? Thanks!

  4. Love your bag! The link shows that it comes it different sizes, what size is yours? It’s adorable!

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